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RPA for HR Department

Analyze productivity and become the champion of digital transformation

Turn the data into actions

Increase company's work efficiency

Track and analyze employee performance

Learn about your employees' activity at work with People Dashboard and calibrate KPIs accordingly

Raise employee productivity

Implement bots to free your employees from routine, repetitive tasks and focus on higher-value business processes

Make data-informed decisions

Make informed decisions with the People Dashboard by having data instead of biased reports and reviews, also include that HRF can give better performance advice

Monitoring with People Dashboard

Find opportunities for tedious tasks' automation with the People Dashboard and advanced analytical tools

Why Robotic Process Automation?

1 %

Increases employees productivity by 40%

1 %

Up to 60% operational costs reduction without layoffs

x 2.5

x2.5 faster employee onboarding process

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See #1 RPA software in action

Increase productivity of employees and achieve more business goals with ElectroNeek RPA

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