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RPA for Marketing Team

Bring more leads at lower costs by automating everything except for creativity

Accelerate your marketing team by automating low-value routine tasks

Improve your marketing efficacy

Optimize workloads

Automate all repetitive routine tasks that marketing professionals do on a daily basis to let them focus on strategic and analytics projects

Analyze marketing productivity

Stay informed about your employees' daily performance with People Dashboard

Enhance marketing activities

Add bots to swiftly measure every touchpoint in the buyer journey with Marketo, add event-based triggers in Facebook, and automatically fill out web forms - all without human intervention.

Create an app ecosystem

Build a custom network of SaaS / Desktop applications used for all your marketing activities

Why Robotic Process Automation?

24 /7
24/7 active bots, performing triggered and scheduled actions
1 %

Up to 65% increase in lead nurturing efficiency after the first year

x 1.5
x1.5 more MQLs because of tracking customer experience

Other ways ElectroNeek helps businesses to stand out

See #1 RPA software in action

Strengthen your marketing strategy and reach more clients with ElectroNeek RPA

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