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Boost your sales productivity with ElectroNeek

Strengthen your sales strategy

Improve sales reps productivity

Use People Dashboard to analyze time spent by sales reps on different tasks and identify inefficient processes

Optimize workloads

Automate all routine procedures between CRM, Emails, spreadsheets and any SaaS products with bots

More time for clients

Let your sales managers focus on building relationships with clients, leaving the rest to bots. For example, SDR bot collects data from leads and answers basic product questions 24/7/365 while humans focus on higher impact work further down the funnel.

Monitoring with People Dashboard

Stay informed about your employees' daily performance with the People Dashboard

Why Robotic Process Automation?

1 %

Increases employees productivity by 40%

x 2

x2 more SQLs because of tracking customer experience

24 /7

24/7 active bots, performing triggered and scheduled actions

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Boost your sales with ElectroNeek platform

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