ElectroNeek for Startups

We are inspired by the next generation of innovators, so we created ElectroNeek for Startups Program to ease the workflow automation for all early-stage companies.


Boost your team’s creativity while ElectroNeek RPA bots manage all the routine in desktop and SaaS apps


ElectroNeek Startup Program

ElectroNeek Robotics recently was a startup itself, so we know firsthand about limited resources and additional expenses on development tools and work management apps that can drain your already tight budget.

We built a special offer for all startups who finished Pre-Seed and/or Seed levels of funding (Accelerator Alumni are welcome to apply too) and look for opportunities to streamline work processes to reach the next goal. 

Let your team work on strategic assignments leaving routine automated. ElectroNeek RPA swiftly provides error-free results of repetitive routine tasks regardless of the complexity and number of platforms/applications used. 

Accelerate your Success with ElectroNeek RPA

Desktop automation

Up to 15 employees can develop and run ElectroNeek desktop bots on their machines 24/7.


Up to 1 ElectroNeek Cloud bot can be run 24/7 to process bulk back-office tasks

Bot scheduling and analytics

These functions are automatically enabled after
1-month trial


Trial implementation and on-demand education are available anytime

$ 25000
Free trial for 1 month

No extra fees for all early-stage startups

  • Access to ElectroNeek RPA features
  • Unlimited document recognitions
$ 1000
Per month during the first year

-$39 000 discount to enterprise price

Bots can be launched even in the night time without the participation of people

$ 19000
for the second year**

-$26 000 discount to enterprise price

Renew this annual contract as long as you want, until your company raises Series A

-$65 000

Total 2-year savings offered

-$65 000

Total 2-year savings offered

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Loving automation that make a difference in people’s lives, I fell in love with ElectroNeek. It mimics a human operating a computer, so it makes developing the bots very intuitive and straight forward. The ElectroNeek team is very responsive in helping on the technical side, and they are also rapid with developing new features to make their product even better, ongoingly. We have developed several bots using ElectroNeek’s application, and we are looking forward to creating more in the near future.
Reuven S.
"Loving automation that actually makes a difference in people’s lives, I fell in love with ElectroNeek"
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  • Can automate any monotonous, tedious job and reduce the time to complete the task. Can utilize OCR, Microsoft products, Google and other services;
  • Ability to connect to neural networks and handle fairly complex logic;
  • Having experience working with other automation products, this is the best interface we have used;
  • Very fast and friendly product support from the developer;
  • Detailed product instructions and manuals;
  • JavaScript programming language, which many high skilled developers and software engineers are used to working with.
Steven K
Medical Practice Consulting
"ElectroNeek RPA has had a huge positive impact on our clients"
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ElectroNeek is easy to use the RPA platform. What I love most about it is an affordable solution both in price and tech side. We tried to find a quick way to test some hypotheses regarding our sales automation.

With ElectroNeek, we did it within one month. You don’t need a lot of time to set up your IT infrastructure, Javascript and pre-programmed functions allow your developers to become pro users in 2 weeks. I would highly recommend the ElectroNeek RPA solution for your business.
Tony U.
"Best RPA tool for any kind of technology companies"
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Our Team

ElectroNeek team consists of automation professionals with 10+ years of expertise in RPA, outstanding technical team, and numerous of extraordinary specialists in business development and analytics who are eager to help your startup grow and prosper.

May the force be with you!

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