Automated web scraper

Hand over web scraping to ElectroNeek RPA bots.

Stop spending long hours of your employees time on Web scraping

Create your own Software Robots to help your team work with Web scraper more efficiently.

ElectroNeek RPA provides an accurate and effective screen scraping tool. ElectroNeek bots copy employee’s actions in desktop and web applications, letting your collect data from web resources without mistakes 24/7.

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What is web scraping?

Web scraping is essential for many business cases. Sometimes it is more convenient and less error-prone to go directly through the user interface, even if you have access to the database.

ElectroNeek screen scraping tool is used in document management and imaging, enterprise application integration, content migration, desktop analytics, business IT process automation, application integration, and legacy modernization solutions.

What ElectroNeek web scraping tool can do:

  • 100% accurate screen scraper for Java, WPF, HTML, PDF, Flash, and more.
  • 97% accurate Screen OCR tool.
  • Precise GUI automation at the level of objects for imitating mouse and data entry process.
  • Fast scraping with a typical duration of less than a second.
  • The leading and most reliable screen-scrape library available.

ElectroNeek is compatible with:

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