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The Only Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Platform for IT Service Providers

Seamless no-code tools to automate your own and your client's work with software robots and intelligent document processing.

Powerful limitless automation built just for MSPs

Leverage software bots for automating your clients' work, provisioning, licensing, network, and cybersecurity management.

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Start automating work in Pax8, Kaseya, Connectwise, Datto, and other MSP products. Your first automation project is on us!

ElectroNeek: Empowering MSPs, Elevating Experiences

Let us help you fill the gaps in your workflows with Electroneek's powerful intelligent automation solutions
Read how we help empower businesses with our new No-Code Automation release updates
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Watch how we elevate experiences with Self-Building Intelligent RPA Bots
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Deliver automation solutions and service with confidence

  • No-code tools, no rocket science
  • Our support will back up your first project
  • Transform your team into Automation Experts within a month
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Grow with a globally trusted RPA platform

  • 100,000+ robots executed quarterly
  • RPA Service Providers in 50+ countries
  • 99.9% Service up-time
  • 7 languages inside the platform
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