RPA implementation:
Which approach is right for you?

You’re probably here because you want to automate processes in your company and boost efficiency as never before. It can be hard to know where to start, so we’re here to help.

There are two main ways to implement RPA: you can either establish an RPA center of excellence (CoE) within your company or hire a managed service provider that will get everything covered for you. Both options have their peculiarities, so let’s map out both paths for you to better understand what will happen step-by-step if you choose either of them.

Creating a Center of Excellence

Working with an MSP

Step 1
Register your RPA CoE with ElectroNeek
Complete a request to get in touch with multiple potential partners of desired expertise and experience
Step 2
Acquire the licenses for RPA development tools to create automated workflows and SaaS Orchestrator to manage them
Partners reach out to you with their decks and initial offers to identify and automate processes
Step 3
Take on online training in ElectroNeek Academy or attend virtual instructor-led sessions
Partners scope the work on the business terms (fees, subscriptions, and etc.) that fit your needs and make business proposals
Step 4
Identify the processes that fit for RPA or migrate your existing automated workflows to ElectroNeek
Select a managed service provider you’d like to partner with and start working on automation
Step 5
Deploy any number of bots in your organization's on-prem or cloud infrastructure
Your partner does all the work on developing bots and deploying them in your or outsourced infrastructure (it's for you to decide)
You acquired and developed capability to automate business processes in your organization at an unlimited scale, with zero RPA bot licensing cost
You automated processes without adding workload for your team and established the basis for further collaboration with the MSP to streamline more workflows and more complex tasks
Register CoE
Find a Partner