Robotic Process Automation Built for You and Your Clients

Rapidly grow your Robotic Process Automation business with a unique market offering: free RPA bot licenses for your clients

For MSPs

ElectroNeek is the first RPA vendor for Managed Service Providers. It’s not only the platform, it’s how we support your business

Grow your revenue

Automate business processes of your clients and grow RPA implementation business with the most affordable and scalable RPA solutions

Free RPA bot licenses

Offer your clients the best value. With ElectroNeek, no license is required to run attended or unattended RPA bots

How We Help You Succeed


  • Leads
  • Deal protection
  • Co-branded materials
  • GtM Playbook with standard templates (e.g., SOW)
  • Technical pre-sale support


  • “Powered by ElectroNeekPoint” branding
  • Listing on vendor portal
  • Success stories published on ElectroNeek.com
  • Cases published in ElectroNeek’s bot library


  • 5 time zones for your convenience: North America, India, Latin America, EMEA, and CIS
  • Dedicated technical support for your PoCs with clients
  • Optional extended support and SLAs to help you grow your business


  • Online Academy
  • Free online certification for your developers
  • Instructor-led courses


  • SOC2 Compliance – do business in any region or with US clients
  • Bot Runners can be hosted in any environment and don’t require any connection; all data stays in the client or your infrastructure
  • SaaS Orchestrator protected by AWS Guard Duty, best AI-powered threat-detection tech in the market
Become a partner to launch and grow your own RPA implementation business
ElectroNeek Global Partnership Program

Our partner program delivers the best tools and resources to help you build your RPA services brand, generate more leads, and win more deals. This program was designed to engage, train, motivate, and reward those who build the future of work with ElectroNeek.

Why your MSP should choose ElectroNeek as your trusted business partner:
Offers the best value and ROI for clients
Wins you more work faster
Increases the profitability of your services
Bypasses IT procurement (as no commercial software is required for client use)
Helps you access the blue ocean of RPA implementation opportunities in SMB, SME, and numerous Enterprise processes
Who is Partnership for?
Managed Service Providers
Technology and management consulting firms
How MSPs Grow Business with ElectroNeek


  • Bot Development

Map client processes, develop bots in ElectroNeek Studio Pro, and deploy in client’s or your own infrastructure

  • Bot Maintenance

If the logic of automated process changes (or underlying UI changes significantly), adjust bots so they continue to work and deliver value

  • Bot Management

Monitor actual status of all bots, connect them with each other and external services like Zapier using ElectroNeek SaaS Orchestrator.


  • Process Discovery

Assist clients with discovery and analysis of internal processes with high ROI from RPA implementation.

  • Training

Support clients in educating both management and technology talent on best RPA practices

  • COE & Strategy Development

Consult clients on how to sustain and scale their automation initiatives in accordance with an internal Center of Excellence


  • Reselling of Studio Pro Package

For clients that want to grow RPA expertise internally and have a certain number of RPA developers equipped with tools, consider offering Studio Pro packages with volume discounts.

  • Reselling of Orchestrator Package

Maximize revenue and margin by reselling and deploying SaaS Orchestrators to clients who scale beyond a few RPA bots and need a one-stop-shop for bot connectivity and management.

I used almost 5 different RPA Platforms, and the main reasons to do business with ElectroNeek are their disruptive business model and pricing, intuitive Studio interface that makes it easy to build custom logic for clients, and ElectroNeek’s partnership with Sage.

CEO, Digital Leaf Solutions

Loving automations that actually make a difference in people’s lives, I fell in love with ElectroNeek. It makes developing the bots very intuitive and straightforward. We have developed several bots and we are looking forward to creating more.​

CEO, Certified Salesforce Consultant
 Out-of-the-Box consulting

What is really impressive about working with ElectroNeek is their tech team, which is constantly growing and getting better. And the products - Studio, Orchestrator - they really lead. We have worked with many RPA vendors, and with ElectroNeek we are building things that we couldn’t do with any other vendor, even the biggest ones. Another huge plus is the price. You wouldn't be able to find such an affordable price anywhere nowadays.


Founder/CEO Scale Through

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