About ElectroNeek

At ElectroNeek, we believe that the future of work in any company is automation, when humans and robots collaborate to make an impact.

With ElectroNeek platform, IT professionals and Citizen Automators in businesses of all sizes can harness the power of Robotic Process Automation and bring efficiency to routine processes in their teams and organizations.

ElectroNeek was started by four friends – Sergey, Dmitry, Mike, and Alex – who shared a vision of democratizing access to RPA for mid-market and smaller companies.

They faced questions from their own RPA consulting careers: How can we make the tech easy enough to use that any company could start automating? How might we create a model so sustainable that it would be beneficial to automate any inefficient process? How can we connect the limitless capabilities of RPA with the SaaS world?

The answer was simple. Welcome to ElectroNeek!

The Journey

Democratizing access to Robotic Process Automation is a big idea that attracted top investors and leading technology partners

Nnamdi Okike

Managing Partner
@645 Ventures

Aneel Ranadive

Managing Partner @Soma,
Owner @Sacramento Kings

Gokul Rajaram

Caviar Lead @Doordash,
Board @Pinterest

Christopher Golda

Managing Partner @Rogue
Ventures, Ex-Product @Twitter

Today ElectroNeek has a team of more than 50 IT professionals on a shared journey to disrupt the RPA industry. We have been a remote-first company from day one, providing truly global opportunities for exceptional individuals who think BI.
ElectroNeek is a fast-paced company with a forward-thinking culture and a dedicated team of experts. Let us help your business thrive and find amazing opportunities for growth.

Business Development
Representative, ElectroNeek

Why ElectroNeek
Rapid growth

Opportunities you won’t find outside a fast-growing IT company

Culture of innovation

A collaborative environment where great ideas collide and develop

Ownership of results

Be an entrepreneur and take pride in your achievements

Coaching and mentorship

Ready for new opportunities and challenges? Let us help you lead the change.

Default-to-action attitude

Get comfortable with sometimes begging for forgiveness rather than always asking for permission

Flexible location and schedule

What you bring to the table is more important than where you live

San Francisco office
San Francisco, CA
611 Gateway Blvd Suite 120, South San Francisco, CA 94080, USA
New York office
New York, NY
142 W 57th Street Office 10-106, New York, NY 10019, USA