Data Migration from Legacy Systems

Streamline your Legacy System Data Migration by connecting to outdated CRM or ERP systems, extracting their data, and seamlessly entering it into a newer, more advanced system.

Use Case Highlights

  • Easily interact with any legacy application, regardless of its age or support level, by utilizing User Interface Automation. This method mimics human interactions, ensuring compatibility and access without needing direct API connections.

  • Utilize our advanced Data Migration Tools to log into legacy apps securely using credentials stored locally. This ensures your login process is secure and efficient, protecting your data throughout the migration process.


  • With our robust Data Extraction Software, extract the necessary data from legacy systems and save it in intermediate formats like spreadsheets or text files. This flexibility allows for easy handling and preparation for the next steps in your migration strategy.

  • Once all data is ready, proceed to log into the destination system.


  • Continue interacting with the destination app through its API or replicate user actions via User Interface Automation. This dual approach guarantees that you can integrate seamlessly regardless of the destination system’s complexity or API accessibility.

  • Quickly migrate thousands of records within just a few hours, effectively streamlining your system’s upgrade and cutting down on redundant applications. This rapid migration saves time and boosts your system’s efficiency and reliability.

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