AI Candidate Sourcing on LinkedIn

Enhance your recruitment strategy with AI Candidate Sourcing on LinkedIn, using advanced filters to search and AI to analyze each candidate’s skills and experience against job criteria.

Use Case Highlights

  • An HR user can manually input a job opening, or it can be automatically extracted from an existing database using our HR automation tools, making the process swift and efficient.

  • Utilize specific terms and filters to conduct targeted searches on LinkedIn, harnessing the power of LinkedIn data scraping to gather detailed profiles that closely match the job requirements.

  • Utilize web automation activities to scrape the search results, collecting comprehensive data on each candidate’s bio, experience, and skills.

  • Apply logic activities and AI for recruitment to analyze and extract deep insights from each candidate’s data, enhancing the understanding of their capabilities.

  • Calculate scores and rankings for each candidate. Evaluate candidates based on their extracted insights, ensuring you pinpoint the best matches for the job opening.

  • Job Matching AI technology automatically identifies the best possible candidates for the position, ensuring a perfect match based on analyzed criteria.

  • Depending on the strategy, either reach out to candidates automatically for further engagement or generate detailed reports for HR managers to review.

  • By leveraging these automated tools, make smarter and faster hiring decisions, significantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment process.

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