Receipt Data Extraction

Read expense-related documents such as restaurant receipts or tickets and leverage data entry automation for intelligent data extraction. Automatically log your data into an Excel spreadsheet using advanced automation techniques.

How to automate receipt data extraction with ElectroNeek?

  • Effortlessly Create Document Models with IntelliDocs

    Start by creating a document model in IntelliDocs to efficiently extract data from your receipts. Customize the model using your own defined structure to meet your specific data extraction needs.

  • Seamlessly Obtain Receipt Images

    You can obtain receipt images from virtually any source, whether it’s cycling through a local folder using OS Automation or pulling directly from your email inbox.

  • Advanced Document Processing Made Easy

    Once you have your images, process each document through IntelliDocs using our robust Document Processing activities. This step ensures each receipt is analyzed accurately, maintaining the integrity of your data.

  • Retrieve Structured Data 

    After processing, you’ll get the receipt’s data in the customized structure you initially defined, now conveniently stored as JSON data. This format makes it easy to integrate with other systems and manage your data efficiently.

  • Automate Your Excel Workflows

    Next, IntelliDocs allows you to write a new Excel spreadsheet with the extracted data. This automation saves significant time and reduces the risk of manual errors commonly associated with data entry.

  • Maximize Efficiency and Accuracy

    By automating data extraction and entry, you’re not just speeding up the process but also boosting accuracy. Say goodbye to manual mistakes and hello to a smoother workflow.

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