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Streamlining Workflow Management

What can I do with this feature?

Our SaaS Orchestrator offers an unparalleled suite of tools designed to enhance the efficiency and scalability of your automated workflows. It seamlessly integrates with your existing technology stack, allowing for centralized management, easy monitoring, and just-in-time automations. With features such as continuous operation, effective AI bot collaboration, and multitenancy support, you can ensure that your automated systems run smoothly and are adaptable to the evolving needs of your business.

Centralized Workflow Management

Manage and control all your automated workflows from a single, powerful dashboard. Schedule and launch processes with ease, ensuring maximum efficiency across your operations.

Real-time Monitoring and Adjustments

Keep track of your workflows with real-time dashboards and event auditing. Adjust and optimize processes on the fly to respond to business demands without delay.

Advanced Integration Capabilities

Orchestrator API lets you connect and control workflows using API tokens, seamlessly integrating with third-party tools or your custom solutions. Enhance your system’s functionality by creating tailored integrations that fit your specific automation needs.

Built-In Version Control

Simplify bot updates with our integrated version control. Track changes and effortlessly roll back to previous versions directly in Orchestrator, eliminating the need for external tools. This feature enhances your operational flexibility and ensures your automation environment remains organized and efficient.

On-Premise Orchestration

Choose our on-premise orchestration for enhanced security and compliance. Perfect for handling sensitive data, this option keeps your information within your local infrastructure, meeting high standards of data protection without exposing it online. Ideal for businesses with strict privacy needs.

Run Bots on Logged-Out VMs

Keep your automation running smoothly by operating bots on virtual machines, even when logged out. This feature ensures your workflows continue seamlessly without an active session, saving resources and enhancing system security. Ideal for environments requiring consistent and secure automation.

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