User Onboarding on Multiple Systems

Streamline your new team member’s setup with user onboarding automation, enabling them to independently configure their accesses and credentials without IT assistance.

How to automate user onboarding?

  • Create intuitive web-based forms for new users to conveniently input their details. This first step simplifies data collection, making the onboarding process user-friendly and efficient.

  • Transfer the collected data to bots that seamlessly interact with various apps, from modern SaaS to legacy system integration. These bots ensure that all systems are synchronized with the new user details.

  • Enable bots to manage interactions across different applications, utilizing User Interface Automation to navigate through each system’s user interface. This automation guarantees that all necessary setups are completed without errors.

  • Establish connections to any system whether through a database, an API, or direct interaction with the app’s user interface. This versatility in connection methods enhances the adaptability of the onboarding process.

  • If further user input is required, assign additional forms to collect the necessary information, ensuring the user remains engaged and informed throughout the setup process.

  • Automatically send new access credentials directly to the user’s email, streamlining the final steps of the onboarding process and ensuring secure delivery.

  • Keep IT admins updated with notifications about all onboarding actions and changes, maintaining transparency and control over access management.

  • Implement an automated approval process for hiring managers, who can approve or reject access requests using our User Onboarding Automation system. This process helps in maintaining oversight and control over what accesses are granted.

  • Utilize a single streamlined process to handle all app setups at once, significantly saving time and reducing potential human errors in onboarding multiple systems.

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