Invoice Processing to QuickBooks

Enhance your accounting workflow with QuickBooks Invoice Automation by extracting data from various invoice formats and seamlessly entering it into QuickBooks.

How to automate invoices in QuickBooks?

  • Begin by creating a detailed document model in IntelliDocs tailored specifically for extracting data from various invoice types. This model uses natural language descriptions to identify and capture relevant fields accurately, setting the foundation for effective data processing.

  • Use our sophisticated invoice data extraction software to gather images or PDF files of invoices from various sources, such as directly from your email inbox or through automated system scans, preparing them for processing.

  • Process each gathered invoice through IntelliDocs, using our tools that automate invoice entry to QuickBooks. This step ensures that all data is validated and formatted correctly before integration.

  • After processing, receive the extracted invoice data in a predictable and standardized JSON format. This makes it easy to handle and verify, ensuring consistency across all entries.

  • Seamlessly integrate the processed data into QuickBooks by utilizing its API for direct interactions or through web automation to simulate user actions, enhancing the efficiency of data entry.

  • Continue by processing each invoice through IntelliDocs’ robust Document Processing activities. This step ensures that each invoice is thoroughly analyzed and that the data is extracted accurately, and ready for integration into QuickBooks.

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