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ElectroNeek Studio is an Integrated Development Environment to build powerful Desktop and Browser automations with no-code/low-code tools.

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Integrate desktop applications and web services to work together. Build, test, and deploy GUI/No-API/API workflows with intuitive drag-and-drop interface with no-code/low code blocks. Develop web workflows 10x faster than with Selenium

Unlike with any other RPA vendor, bots built in ElectroNeek Studio don’t require any attended/unattended licenses to run. We put the developer first with our RPA IDE model. Develop faster with award-winning UX.

ElectroNeek has the most friendly model in RPA implementation business that allows partners to win more work and boost margin per developer/consultant. Pay only for developer seats (Studio IDEs), run RPA-as-a-Service, or deploy bots on the client side for free.

Spend less on RPA and get the same results with license-free workflows, superior stability and reliability. Unlike with any other RPA vendor we don’t charge for running bots, so you can build and deploy hundreds of automations paying only for developer seats.

What you can automate with ElectroNeek

Most things that a PC user can do manually in Desktop apps and a browser can be done using ElectroNeek Studio IDE.To learn more about other Hyperautomation products, check out Documents Hub.

Desktop workflows

ElectroNeek automates boring Desktop tasks

Workflows/scripts built in ElectroNeek Studio imitate user actions on the Graphic User Interface level so any repetitive or rule-based actions can be automated with a workflow design in a no-code/low-code environment. Simply record, edit and playback what you want to do in Desktop apps

Browser workflows

ElectroNeek automates browser tasks far beyond testing purposes

ElectroNeek allows you to build and play scripts that replicate the behavior of a website user using its native Chrome and IE support. Navigate website interface, auto-complete forms, parse data, download documents or set up complex automations of web-based SaaS products. No knowledge of scripting languages required

Web scraping

ElectroNeek not only extracts and transforms data from websites but can navigate complex interfaces

UI testing

ElectroNeek validates that the software meets its specifications by executing GUI test cases

Data Migration

ElectroNeek allows connecting any system, application or database without coding.

Email parsing

ElectroNeek grabs important data from recurring emails based on your own custom parsing rules

Excel and .CSV automation

ElectroNeek creates files and populates them with data from any API/No-API sources

Legacy workflows

ElectroNeek can treat any legacy system like it has a flexible API to automate ETL tasks or complete a sequence of actions.

What differentiates ElectroNeek from the other Robotic Process Automation vendors?

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The interface is efficient and intuitive. The support has been exceptional while getting started with the product. Our first proof of concept was easy to create and we worked through the full implementation confident that we’ve made a good choice with Electroneek

Keith Cote

VP of IT at UFP Technologies,

Loving automations that actually make a difference in people's lives, I fell in love with ElectroNeek. It makes developing the bots very intuitive and straightforward. We have developed several bots and we are looking forward to creating more

Reuven Shelef
CEO, Certified Salesforce Consultant Out-of-the-Box  consulting

I use ElectroNeek for web scraping. It’s a very intuitive tool to bypass blacklisting. The platform is growing and improving very fast, more user friendly. You don’t need to be a JavaScript or Python developer to take full advantage of this platform

Sam Narrainen
Senior System Developer,

Don't Compromise on the Development Experience

Intuitive low-code interface

Use drag-and-drop to build workflow with ‘activity’ blocks designed to accelerate the development journey.

Visual tools for GUI automation

10x faster development than scripting with Selenium, works in both browser and Desktop


Use an extensive set of native integrations, easily combine ElectroNeek workflows with scripts on JavaScript, Python, PHP and others, transferring data and results between scripts

Low-code Excel automation

Create, read, transform, merge spreadsheets as steps in your workflows with a one-of-a-kind visual builder for tables and spreadsheets

Our clients

  • Electrolux
  • Beluga
  • Epiroc


A multinational home appliance manufacturer, Electrolux, identified inefficiencies in their management of a global logistics fleet for the delivery of household and professional equipment. Numerous manual operations are completed in the backup system and account for up to 40% of the time spent by logistics managers. Thus, the delivery fleet was underutilized by 25%, so it processed fewer orders than its capacity.

Solution and results

The ElectroNeek robots imitate manager’s actions in spreadsheets, legacy, and homegrown IT solutions used by logistics managers. ElectroNeek automatically analyzes trucks’ workload tracked in the fleet management system, schedules truck routes, and manages downtimes. The robot also creates the necessary supporting documentation for the delivery, saving 14 000+ hours of manual work a year for the household delivery managers. As a result, delivery fleet utilization improved by more than 15%.


The leading producer of distilled spirits had a high share of repetitive manual operations in setting up IT infrastructure and onboarding new employees, including registration of hardware and business software installation. The dedicated team for new employee onboarding grew up quicker than the company headcount because the onboarding process had numerous bottlenecks due to the complexity of internal access rights. On average, one member of a dedicated IT team was able to onboard 1-2 new employees per day.

Solution and results

The robot developed on the ElectroNeek platform automatically installs necessary software on new employees’ machines and virtual desktops. The robot configures email, security settings, remote access rights, installs necessary themes, templates, and guides. As a result, one member of a dedicated IT team was able to onboard 6 new employees per day, reducing the onboarding process’s cost by 60%.


The global mining company received 100+ requests for spare parts and supplies prices a day. As there was no central point of contact to process all the requests, and the quote process had a high share of repetitive actions in CRM and ERP, more than 5% of applications were lost or in “idle” mode, creating a backlog of requests for the sales team.

Solution and results

Robots built on the ElectroNeek platform and managed with Orchestrator source pricing requests across multiple business units and centralize processing in a transparent environment with backlog and statuses available 24/7 for the sales team. Due to a significant reduction in manual data entry volume, business units save more than 20 000 hours of sales managers’ time per year. As a result, the company not only increased the efficiency of its sales but also improved its customer service by reducing average response time by 50%.

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