No-API automation without changes to IT infrastructure

Automate repetitive tasks that involve scanned docs/PDFs, desktop applications and web solutions with or without API.

The first Robotic Process Automation platform that comes with unlimited number of free bot licenses. Automate as many attended and unattended processes as you want and run them concurrently at no cost. 

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How ElectroNeek
RPA works


Workflow Automation

Easy and fast to design, free to scale

We developed a set of patent-pending visual tools that low-skilled IT professionals can use to quickly build traditionally code-heavy automation steps – like taking data from scanned files or navigating web forms. Unlike all other Robotic Process Automation vendors, we let customers automate as many processes as they want and run them concurrently, driving scaling costs to $0 (other vendors will charge for each process you automate and run concurrently).


The most coder-friendly
Robotic Process Automation

Machine Vision

Our product is focused on needs of IT professionals, so even junior IT folks can use it to build powerful automations in days. A single automated process with ElectroNeek can generate $100k-$250k in business impact due to significant time savings on execution of repetitive tasks  (bots work 10-100x faster than employees) and taking human out of the loop. 


Core differentiators

We made Robotic Process Automation easy

Fast development: Best-in-class, simple work with variables and tables.  

Simple OCR: Visual template mapping to quickly set up workflows that deal with scanned files. 

Minimum maintenance: proprietary ‘intermediate interfaces’ dramatically reduce the need to rework workflows when web interface that a robot deals with changes. 



Scalability with no limits

Admin, advance and scale at no cost

Orchestration. Every ElectroNeek Enterprise platform comes with web-based or on premise Orchestrator to schedule, admin bots and analyze their performance. 

Process Sourcing. Proprietary information management system for employees to submit their automation requests and address IT’s questions. 

Revolutionary business model. ElectroNeek doesn’t require any attended or unattended bot licenses to run automated processes – you can automate and deploy 100+ processes without additional costs. We are the only one fixed-price RPA platform in the market.


We save your time
and money

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10x Faster than IT integration

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$100k+ Savings in the first 4 months

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Up to 80% cost reduction for routine-heavy business processes

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Loving automation that make a difference in people’s lives, I fell in love with ElectroNeek. It mimics a human operating a computer, so it makes developing the bots very intuitive and straight forward. The ElectroNeek team is very responsive in helping on the technical side, and they are also rapid with developing new features to make their product even better, ongoingly. We have developed several bots using ElectroNeek’s application, and we are looking forward to creating more in the near future.
Reuven S.
"Loving automation that actually makes a difference in people’s lives, I fell in love with ElectroNeek"
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  • Can automate any monotonous, tedious job and reduce the time to complete the task. Can utilize OCR, Microsoft products, Google and other services;
  • Ability to connect to neural networks and handle fairly complex logic;
  • Having experience working with other automation products, this is the best interface we have used;
  • Very fast and friendly product support from the developer;
  • Detailed product instructions and manuals;
  • JavaScript programming language, which many high skilled developers and software engineers are used to working with.
Steven K
Medical Practice Consulting
"ElectroNeek RPA has had a huge positive impact on our clients"
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ElectroNeek is easy to use the RPA platform. What I love most about it is an affordable solution both in price and tech side. We tried to find a quick way to test some hypotheses regarding our sales automation.

With ElectroNeek, we did it within one month. You don’t need a lot of time to set up your IT infrastructure, Javascript and pre-programmed functions allow your developers to become pro users in 2 weeks. I would highly recommend the ElectroNeek RPA solution for your business.
Tony U.
"Best RPA tool for any kind of technology companies"

Access solutions to thousands
of business workflows

Learn how electroNeek automates routine across undustries, professions,
functions and solves typical automation problems with no change to IT infrastructure.

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Data entry


Automated data entry in web forms, popular office tools (think of spreadsheets), SaaS applications (like CRM), no-API and legacy systems 

  • bullet_redCreated with Sketch. Data entry on User Interface (UI) level and APIs
  • bullet_redCreated with Sketch. Fast and simple automation of web form entries
  • bullet_redCreated with Sketch. Automated data workflows without change in IT infrastructure
  • bullet_redCreated with Sketch. Source data from any system or database
  • bullet_redCreated with Sketch. Scheduling of data entry jobs
  • bullet_redCreated with Sketch. Plug-and-play automation for popular industry solutions (e.g. core banking systems)
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Data extraction


Collect data from any source (web, Excel, csv, scanned images, etc.), process, interpret or transform it following scripted rules or Machine Learning logic. 

  • bullet_yellowCreated with Sketch. Connect any data source via UI or APIs
  • bullet_yellowCreated with Sketch. Advanced Optical Character Recognition capabilities
  • bullet_yellowCreated with Sketch. Presets for MS Excel and Google SpreadSheets
  • bullet_yellowCreated with Sketch. Unlimited OCR usage across all bots
  • bullet_yellowCreated with Sketch. Presets for bulk processing of scanned documents (e.g. invoices)
  • bullet_yellowCreated with Sketch. Works with popular ETL infrastructures (Amazon Redshift, BigQuery, Snowflake)
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RPA in the banking industry is aimed to streamline a wide range of repetitive, time-consuming tasks from data entry, reconciliation and extraction to processing of scanned documents.

  • bullet_blueCreated with Sketch. Account opening and maintenance - speed up 10x and save more than $100k/year on manual data entry.
  • bullet_blueCreated with Sketch. Consumer and commercial loan origination - quickly process all scanned files, copy data to web forms and save up to $250k a year with automated paperwork and decision-making.
  • bullet_blueCreated with Sketch. Compliance and reporting - reduce the need for manual collection of data from multiple systems/spreadsheets and completion of reporting templates. Save more than $150k by reallocating headcount to analytical tasks.

The most affordable and scalable RPA platform
offered in 20 countries

 We made everything about such cutting-edge technologies as
Robotic Process Automation, OCR and Machine Learning easy
to clients of all sizes:

Easy to get trained with exclusive online content and global community forum
Easy to start automating your business routine with our free demo and trial

Easy to speed up complex implementations – global network of 200+ experienced implementation partners is always here to help

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