Quickly create bots to automate browser, desktop or email tasks. Rationalize your workflow and improve your productivity with simple automation tool. Requires no prior coding experience. Easy to use, efficient, and effective automation at your fingertips. The most affordable Robotic Process Automation tool in the market.
Powerful and simple automation tool for office workers
Saves time and money.
Makes employees happier.
Paybacks quickly.
Automate processes at fraction of cost compared to alternatives
Allow workers to focus on analytical tasks
Complete routine tasks 100x faster with no mistakes
Simple automation for repetitive office and personal tasks
electroNeek can do whatever a user can with a mouse and a keyboard, and, to work even faster, it comes with automated connectors (APIs) to most popular office and personal apps.

While electroNeek moves data and acts across apps, employees don`t need to waste time on routine tasks. Welcome to the Future of Work.
Set tasks for a bot like it`s Your Personal Assistant
Make a workflow of office worker actions and electroNeek will execute it. Add a new step in one click. You don`t need IT skills to build simple bots. Automate easier than ever without coding
Find a routine action in your everyday tasks
Create workflow with complex logic
Let the robot work with other people
Say thank you to your digital assistant :)
What can be automated right now?
Collecting data from multiple sources
(excel tables, emails, scanned documents, ERP, CRM, web applications)
Performing data entries (like moving customer data to CRM), creating new documents, populating templates and generating emails
Making decisions and taking actions based on instructions, rules or Machine Learning logic
All kind of
management reporting
Migration of data
from legacy systems and apps
Open web and intranet pages, complete forms, click on buttons, upload and download files
Who can use it?
Every effective office worker deserves to have electroNeek on his or her office machine. ElectroNeek is function- and industry agnostic, as most office workers spend at least 20% of their time on repetitive routine tasks. We found it benefitting individual workers, small teams, mid-size companies corporations (our largest client has 200k+ employees). ElectroNeek doesn't require IT skills to build simple bots (like building a report or sending individual named emails to your list of co-workers or customers).

We would be happy to share use cases in the following industries and functions:
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