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Revolutionizing the Construction Industry with Automated Data Scraping

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A construction company eliminated time spent on manual material verification and invoice submission by deploying ElectroNeek RPA software to streamline efficiency.

End Client: Titanio
A construction company providing comprehensive urbanization works at the best price, aiming to become a leader in the Latin American construction industry.
ElectroNeek Partner: Botget
An IT Service Provider helping businesses to increase profit by saving hundreds of hours with robotic process automation as a service.

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Growing Demand Drives the Latin American Construction Market's Growth

The Latin American construction market is on track to grow at a CAGR of more than 5.4% over the forecast period from 2017-2027. The region's increasing demand for real estate and infrastructure drives the market's revenue to billions. 

Digitization of the construction industry is essential to overcome decreasing labor productivity, enhance organization, leverage data, and project inefficiencies. Another top issue in the industry is keeping projects on schedule and budget, which results in lower margins.

Construction companies must use digital technologies to accurately capture and implement data into their manual workflows related to invoicing, purchasing, and other office functions.  

It is not enough to just use digital technology; the current business state must be evaluated, and business processes must be analyzed and simplified first.

Client Challenges

Manual Invoice Generation Drains Resources

A construction company struggled with a workflow that involved manual invoice creation and submission.

Employees had to manually search government websites to verify materials, organize the website information into spreadsheets, create invoices, and submit them to government websites. 

The process of validating electrical equipment certification using the governmental website to complete documents could have been more efficient and prone to human error. The manual process not only caused delays in project delivery and increased costs but also had the potential to impact customer satisfaction negatively. 

The process was also highly repetitive and consumed a significant amount of time.

The company spent approximately one day per week on this activity alone and recognized the need to optimize its workflow and reduce errors.

The construction company knew it had a workflow that drained resources and understood the benefits of automation. High per-bot licensing models from most vendors made transforming this process inaccessible.

Path to Success

Botget Gains Traction with Free Proof of Concept

Botget began offering clients process automation from ElectroNeek’s no-code platform. The IT service provider gained traction by offering free trials through ElectroNeek's platform.

By leveraging the new free trial proof-of-concept offer, Botget showed the construction company how to automate its material-to-budget alignment process within the cost structure.

The ElectroNeek automation workflow involved the development of a bot that searched for specific invoices within the government portal system, extracted the required information, and used it to generate multiple reports automatically.

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This process eliminated the need for manual data entry and copying and pasting of information, resulting in a more efficient and accurate workflow.


ElectroNeek's No-code Automation Supports Streamlined Invoice Processing

Botget enables underserved businesses to reduce manual errors and benefit from efficiency savings. The new automated workflow proved more accurate and efficient, helping them save time, money, and resources.

ElectroNeek’s RPA software bots helped the construction company improve operational efficiency by eliminating the time spent on material verification and invoice submission. As a result, the automated invoice processing workflow improved accuracy, preventing data entry errors.

ElectroNeek’s RPA software bots helped the construction company enhance operational efficiency by eliminating the time spent on material verification and invoice submission from one day per week to minutes. As a result, the automated invoice processing workflow improved accuracy, preventing data entry errors. The automation empowered the company to focus on more critical tasks.

Botget is evolving the business processes for its construction client by introducing the benefits of RPA to a traditionally manual-process-based industry. Botget continues to work with this client, offering automation for other workflows and growing its recurring revenue.

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We are thrilled with automation's impact on our business. By streamlining our workflow and eliminating errors, we have improved our efficiency and reduced the time it takes to complete critical tasks. We are satisfied with the support and expertise of Botget, who helped us to implement this solution and achieve these results." 

Juan Carlos CantúRegional Operations Manager, Titanio

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