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Solution Provider Partnership

Tailored for MSPs, ITSPs, system integrators, and IT consultants specializing in CRM, ERP, BI, or RPA. Join us to seamlessly integrate ElectroNeek into your services, elevating the value you offer clients. Experience synergy and enhance your portfolio with our innovative solutions!

Fastest Growing Segment of IT Industry

Fastest Growing Segment of IT Industry

RPA and AI, with an anticipated CAGR exceeding 30% from 2023 to 2030, lead the tech industry’s rapid growth. Discover further details in this report.

In-Demand and Strong Product Line-Up

In-Demand and Strong Product Line-Up

There is unlimited demand for products and services. Check out the market trends and demands here.

High Commission

High Commission

ElectroNeek disrupts the industry by introducing the highest commission for solution provider partnership.

How are you going to make money?

Sell Licenses, Receive Commision


average annual subscription check size per customer

Inspect Processes, Perform Consulting


starting hourly rate

Build Bots, Offer Services


starting project price


First Deal Intro Bonus

To help you establish your RPA team, ElectroNeek introduces an unprecedented intro bonus. Entering the RPA market has never been easier.

up to 50%

Lifetime revenue commission

Lifetime revenue means full margin for thru-partner renewals. Generate recurring revenue and easily snowball your success with ElectroNeek.

Sales & Marketing Guides

Sales & Marketing Guides

ElectroNeek provides vital partnership education for automation division success.

NFR Account

NFR Account

Partners get a powerful Not-for-Resell account with full platform features for internal automation and showcasing.

Get our ultimate guide on Use Cases 
for Automation

Extended Trials
for your Prospects

On request we provide extended product trials to ensure you win more deals with demanding clients who want to dig deeper into a tech.

Training and Certification

Vendor courses: Build tech skills, train RPA developers quickly.

Market Development Funds

Based on Partnership Tier, we add up to your budget for online/offline events, marketing efforts with our MDF.

Deal Registration

We provide partners with Not-for-Resell powerful account with full platform features that is useful for automation of your processes, showcasing to opportunities and building PoCs.

Secure your success with incredible benefits

Secure your success with incredible benefits

Solution Engineers

Our Solution Engineers assist you in client PoCs. You will not be left alone with complicated customer cases.

Contribute to our mutual success

We value partner feedback, adapting and growing with shared insights.

Dedicated Partner Manager

Growth and scaling of your success is overwatched and guided by our Partner Managers.

Lead Distribution

Meeting high demand for AI and automation, we connect clients of all sizes with our solution partners.

Our partnership program brings success.
Read what these MSP leaders have to say:

With ElectroNeek, there are so many tools and opportunities to integrate. For example, our first automation involved a finance bot that scrapes a website for information into an Excel sheet and plugs it into AS400. Having ElectroNeek’s technology stack to support these functions is crucial because we can quickly deploy the bot within the ecosystem.

Randy Lowman
Managing Director, Laketurn Automation

We realized our existing business model was not the right fit for SMB clients, because we needed a platform that could help our SMB clients scale their business. That is when we found ElectroNeek.

Giritharan Ramasamy
Data Centure

ElectroNeek scored well in our trial and was our first choice. We can now offer to build a full bot for someone while offering support at a fixed monthly price, which is not possible from most RPA vendors on the market.

Alex Tillirides
CEO, Intellimorph

Our clients want something easy to use. Other orchestrators from other automation software vendors are difficult to manage; but ElectroNeek provides a solution that business process professionals can use, not just developers.

Rohan Naik
Alliances & Partnerships, ACL Digital

We could easily find ourselves lost in the larger ponds of traditional RPA vendors like UiPath. ElectroNeek, from the very beginning, has prioritized our success, collaborating with us to provide business expertise regarding subscription-based pricing models to ultimately bring truly affordable and flexible RPA solutions to our clients.

Ryan Datlaff
CEO, Trumpet

We implemented automation with the ElectroNeek platform within just a couple of months. The no-code functionality of the platform was easy to learn and use. ElectroNeek has helped us foster closer relationships with clients through RPA implementation and proof of concept.

Filum Ho
CEO, Apollo Studios

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay to become a partner?
The program is free. However, in some countries, there might be a one-time initiation fee of $150 that needs to be paid before signing the partnership agreement.
How do partners earn money?
The Partnership program is designed for partners who are prepared to offer solutions and services on top of ElectroNeek licenses. Partners engage in consulting, building bots, redesigning customer processes and retain 100% of the revenue from these streams.
How do I receive my partner commission?
Orders you create in the Partner Portal come with a 20-50%, or even 60%, commission level. Therefore, your customers pay the full price to you, and you purchase their subscription at a discount, automatically earning your commission.
Does ElectroNeek provide NFR licenses for its partners?
Yes, for a new partner who has never been our partner or customer and who has passed business screening, we provide a free-to-use NFR license for the first 6 months of the partnership. To retain this license, the Partner must secure at least one deal every 6 months.
How long does it take to learn ElectroNeek and be prepared to serve customers?
ElectroNeek offers extensive product training courses that need to be completed before signing the partnership agreement. We also have a Business Hub that provides sales & marketing and HT guidelines for new partners. Typically, it takes 2-3 months to learn the automation platform and achieve tangible results.
Do I need to sign up for the Partner Program in every country where my company serves customers?
No, you can work with customers globally, as long as all payments for licenses are processed in US dollars.
How do customers find partners to collaborate with?
Once you complete all onboarding steps and sign the partnership agreement, your company will be listed in the "Find a Partner" section.
Does ElectroNeek offer support to partners in securing high-value deals?
Yes, for accounts with more than 500 employees or deals exceeding $50,000, we provide our Account Executives to assist you.
Who is responsible for post-sale customer support?
ElectroNeek will address all tech-related questions your customers might have. However, we believe it's essential for you to be available for any support related to solutions or bots you've built for them.
What marketing resources or co-marketing opportunities does ElectroNeek provide to its partners?
Depending on different tier levels, we offer various co-marketing opportunities, ranging from deal distribution to joint marketing investments for online and offline events.