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What can I do with this feature?

IntelliDocs revolutionizes the way you handle documents by automating recognition and data extraction processes. This feature leverages cutting-edge technologies to accurately identify text, images, and other data within various document formats, from PDFs and scanned images to digital forms. Whether you’re extracting information for data entry, analyzing content, or organizing documents, this tool simplifies and accelerates the process, ensuring high levels of accuracy and efficiency. It’s an essential solution for businesses and individuals looking to minimize manual document handling, improve data accuracy, and enhance overall productivity.

Accurate Text Recognition

Utilize advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to accurately convert various documents into editable and searchable text, reducing manual data entry and error rates.

Efficient Data Extraction

Automatically extract key information from documents, such as names, dates, and financial figures, streamlining the data collection process for faster analysis and decision-making.

Define Models with Natural Language

Quickly create data models by describing your documents in your language. Just define the type and fields, upload, and our system accurately populates the fields, simplifying document processing.

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