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ElectroNeek Product Training

Your single source of product training for ElectroNeek Platform, containing both the essential basic courses and advanced deep learning.

Role-based Courses
master ElectroNeek Products tailored for specialized roles

RPA Developer image

RPA Developer

Dive into automation development with ElectroNeek Studio Pro, explore its core functionalities, and build your first bot

clock icon3.5 hours

Orchestrator Admin image

Orchestrator Admin

Delve deep into automation management with ElectroNeek Orchestrator and harness its full potential for seamless automation orchestration

clock icon3 hours

IDP User image

IDP User

Explore Intelligent document processing with IntelliDocs, the first IDP tool tailored for Managed Service Providers

clock icon2 hours

GPT AI Engineer image

GPT AI Engineer

Unravel the GPT capabilities within the ElectroNeek Platform and elevate your AI-driven automation projects

clock icon2.5 hours

Automation Workshops
dive into specifics and cutting-edge features with how-to workshops

Interface Elements Identification

Dive into the intricacies of interface elements and their configuring selection

Mouse Dynamics in Desktop

Explore the functionalities of mouse-related activities on the desktop

Keyboard Commands in Desktop

Learn the keyboard-based tasks for efficient desktop operations

Browser Elements Identification

Delve into the browser elements and their configuring selection

Navigating Web Browsers

Master the activities associated with web browser interactions

Mouse Actions in Web

Grasp the essentials of mouse-based actions tailored for web environments

MS Excel Automation

Unearth the activities associated with automating tasks within Microsoft Excel

Tabular Data Automation

Discover the table-based operations and manipulations

Google Sheets Automation

Delve into the activities associated with automating tasks within Google Sheets

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