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ElectroNeek Product Training

Your single source of product training for ElectroNeek Platform, containing both the essential basic courses and advanced deep learning.

Essential Courses
gain mastery of ElectroNeek Products

ElectroNeek Studio Pro: Beginner’s Guide image

ElectroNeek Studio Pro: Beginner’s Guide

Learn the essentials of ElectroNeek Studio Pro and build your first bot.

clock icon3.5 hours

ElectroNeek Orchestrator SaaS image

ElectroNeek Orchestrator SaaS

Master all aspects of the ElectroNeek Orchestrator SaaS

clock icon3 hours

ElectroNeek IntelliDocs image


Learn all the necessary in-depth skills for the first-ever IDP for Managed Service Providers

clock icon2 hours

GPT AI Engineer image

GPT AI Engineer

Explore GPT features of the ElectroNeek Platform

clock icon2.5 hours

Deep Learning
dive into specifics and details of ElectroNeek Products


Learn the details of desktop automation with Studio Pro


Insights and skills for web automation with Studio Pro


Dive into details of Excel and Google Spreadsheets automation

Operational System Automation

Gain in-depth knowledge of OS automation with Studio Pro