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Automated Delisting Workflow Supports E-commerce Business Growth

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An e-Commerce company was spending a lot of time manually delisting products to ensure 100% customer satisfaction before it leveraged the ElectroNeek RPA platform to automate and streamline the process.

End Client:
E-Commerce company
ElectroNeek Partner: Thrive Automation

An IT Service Provider offering Robotic Process Automation solutions to help businesses cut costs, reduce risk, and improve efficiency and performance.

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Supporting E-commerce Business Growth through Process Automation

Revenue in the eCommerce market is projected to reach US$4.11tn in 2023 and to grow US$6.35tn by 2027. The rise in eCommerce and small businesses fuels the market’s sustained growth rate.

As an online merchant, selling products and acquiring new customers are essential for business growth. Managing hundreds or thousands of small, repetitive tasks like product and inventory management, order fulfillment and payment processing, shipping, marketing, reviews, and customer service can become overwhelming. 

E-commerce companies may spend more time putting out fires than growing their business. 

But process automation can help businesses focus on bringing in more customers and orders while keeping everything on track.

Client Challenges

Manual E-commerce Delisting Drains Resources

An e-commerce company selling second-hand clothing on multiple online platforms concurrently, was struggling with its delisting products process. 

When an item sells, team members have to remove the item from all the other online platforms manually to avoid overselling the item.

The company’s employees spent two hours removing these listings daily. The cumbersome workflow resulted in errors and took about 14 hours per week.

Path to Success

Streamlined E-commerce Delisting with ElectroNeek’s Platform

With such a high sales volume, delisting each item efficiently and effectively was a significant challenge, but due to the repetitive nature of the task, Thrive Automation knew it was a great place to start.

Thrive Automation automated the delisting process for the customer. 


Automated E-commerce Web-scraping Supports Company Growth and Productivity

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Thrive Automation set up email triggers, and automated web-based activities in Chrome. Tasks that involved interactions with platforms such as Shopify, were also transformed into automated workflows handled by ElectroNeek bots..

Deployment of this automation process saved the company 14 person-hours per week. As a result, the e-commerce company was able to focus on more valuable tasks to improve the customer experience.

Improved productivity translated to a lower cost of doing business, and overall increased employee productivity and moral.

The company leverages this improved operational efficiency to drive company growth and scale its operations.

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