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The first-ever IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) product for MSPs and IT Service Providers:

Extract information from hundreds of document models for your automation workflows.

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What is IntelliDocs?

IntelliDocs is the first ever IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) product for MSPs and IT Service Providers, empowering users to recognize digital documents automatically, understand their types and extract essential information, supported by MSP-centric monetization and management tools.

It can automatically process invoices, plus nearly a thousand other document model types across all major categories and languages - easily handling PDF and image formats.

How it works:


Select the documents to process
such as invoices, receipts, and more in PDF/PNG


Send documents to IntelliDocs
through API Requests


Extract structured information using AI
and Machine Learning with no manual work


Receive data in a JSON file format
a simpler version of XML

Why use IntelliDocs?

26 Document Categories
from driver's licenses, invoices, and more
Reads 79 Languages
no need for AI training to recognize your documents
900+ Document Models
pre-made to accurately extract data for you

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