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IntelliDocs empowers users to automatically recognize digital documents by understanding their types and extract essential information from them.

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Unlock the Power of IntelliDocs

IntelliDocs offers a comprehensive set of benefits that go beyond automation and streamlining document processing. It guarantees accuracy, reduces operating costs, facilitates regulatory compliance, and enhances the overall customer experience.
Moreover, IntelliDocs is equipped to automatically process a diverse array of document types spanning across major categories and languages. It excels particularly in handling PDF and image formats. Here are some of the most popular document types it can effortlessly handle:
Finance: Invoices, Remittance, Bank Cards, Receipts, Checks;
Onboarding & KYC: Driver's Licenses from the United States, Driver's Licenses from Canada, International Driver's Licenses, IDs from the United States, International IDs;
Insurance & Logistics: Nixie Labels, ACORD Forms, Shipping Containers;
Healthcare: Summary of Benefits & Coverage, Covid-19 & Vaccine Cards, Bill of Lading;
Travel: Passports, Travel Visas;
Legal: Certificate of good standing, Power of Attorney

IntelliDocs Helps Businesses Avoid:


Inefficiency in Document Processing
Traditional methods of document processing can be time-consuming and inefficient.


Errors in Data Entry
Manual data entry is prone to errors, which can lead to significant issues down the line


High Operating Costs
The manual handling of documents requires a lot of human resources


Compliance Issues
Many industries have stringent compliance regulations regarding document management

Why use IntelliDocs?

The only solution that automatically classifies documents and models
Superior recognition capabilities when dealing with distortion like angled scans and blurs
The most cost-effective solution with no hidden fees

IntelliDocs offers:


  • 2500+ pretrained AI models for all common documents: 26 document types, 89 languages
  • SOC2 and HIPAA Compliance
  • API Integration and ElectroNeek connector
  • Enterprise

  • Custom AI model creation for your unique document types
  • Fixed price, unlimited pages
  • Automatic data entry in any system on level of Graphic User Interface
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