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Everything you need to implement an infinitely scalable and super connected RPA ecosystem in a matter of days.

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Introducing the next-gen RPA platform

ElectroNeek enables RPA developers and admins to do their best in the shortest time possible. Explore how components of the platform’s ecosystem work together to deliver an unmatched automation experience.

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Create automated workflows in a snap

RPA developers love using Studio Pro: an integrated development environment and the birthplace of intelligent bots. Automate right away with ready-made visual building blocks. You can always customize them further using JavaScript.

Build, test, and maintain with ease

Studio Pro is an all-you-need RPA development toolkit that covers all stages of the process: from creating a bot to testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Easily build RPA bots with ElectroNeek Studio Pro

Fast no-code / low-code automations

Combine no-code blocks with custom code to deliver complex automations in a blink of an eye. Save automated workflows as RPA bots, and you’re all set.

No-code / low-code building blocks in ElectroNeek Studio Pro

Process recording for even faster bot development

Replay the user’s actions in the automated workflow once to see the mapped-out process right on the canvas in front of you.

Rapid RPA development with ElectroNeek Studio Pro

Run an unlimited number of bots

With Bot Runner, you can have an unlimited number of free bots to face any automation challenge. Be it a bot for a one-time, high-volume task, or a simple bot to cover a part in a complex process, you never have to worry about extra expenses.


Deploy bots in any local or cloud infrastructure without server authentication. Then simply launch your .neex file, and the automation is ready to go.

All kinds
of bots

With Bot Runner, you can empower your team with any number of attended, unattended, or hybrid bots.

Secure data

Bots don’t collect or store data more than needed to execute their tasks. The credentials granted are stored locally with Windows Credential Manager.

Manage all your automated workflows in one place

Instantly connect created bots to SaaS Orchestrator: a single web-based control room to manage and keep an eye on every automation — within a company or in several organizations at once. With SaaS Orchestrator API, you can easily integrate your current IT infrastructure and existing automations with ElectroNeek’s RPA platform.

Connect bots in a click

Publish RPA bots to SaaS Orchestrator right from Studio Pro. Combine them into complex sequences or connect with any other solution for automation, such as Zapier.

Connect RPA bots in a click with ElectroNeek SaaS Orchestrator

Set up bot activities

You can put the processes on autopilot by scheduling bots activity or setting triggers through webhooks, SaaS Orchestrator API, or Zapier.

Set up RPA bot activities with ElectroNeek SaaS Orchestrator

Monitor workflows in real-time

Analyze the performance of a full scope of automated processes or each bot individually. Use comprehensive dashboards to scale and enhance your automations.

Monitor automated workflows with ElectroNeek SaaS Orchestrator

Manage all your automated workflows
in one place


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