Trials and Pricing

ElectroNeek is the only Robotic Process Automation vendor that adopted the IDE model in which clients pay only for the ability to develop RPA workflows and can run them in any quantity free of charge, in any environment

Product Studio IDE
For whom
IT professionals, RPA developers, Citizen Automators
$450/month, billed annually
Trial period
up to 10 business days
Core functionality
Running workflows (bots) designed in IDE requires
Free ElectroNeek Agent(s) only
Number of active workflows (bots)
Workflows adaptive to changes in UI element properties

Local scheduling

Orchestrator-based scheduling

Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

Encryption for data at rest (AES-256 bit) and data in motion (TLS1.2)


Education and Support
Online Academy

Bot design support

Standard SLA

Custom SLA
Custom scripts
JavaScript, Python, PHP
Custom connectors
By request
By request
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