Connect, Deploy and Integrate RPA bots

A single control room to manage your automation ecosystem. Manage bots, build sequences, monitor and analyze automation performance.

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One orchestrator to rule them all

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Equip yourself with the most enjoyable RPA orchestration experience

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bot administration

Deploy bots to SaaS Orchestrator right from your development environment in two clicks.
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bots collaboration

Combine bots into complex sequences to tackle the most ambitious tasks. You can also connect them with the rest of your infrastructure.
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Easy monitoring
and audit trails

Monitor automated workflows with the help of comprehensive dashboards in real time to enhance and scale your automations.

How it works

  • Сonnect existing bots

    Once you developed a bot, add it to the SaaS Orchestrator in two clicks right from your development environment.

  • Set up bot activities & connections

    Specify the conditions for running your bots. You can schedule bots activity or set triggers to configure automated tasks depending on the events occurring in your files or emails.

    If you wish, you can also set up activities using API, webhooks, or external automation services, such as Zapier.

  • Monitor & analyze bot performance

    Check if bots completed their tasks, were there any errors in the process, how many bots are currently working, or how many hours bots saved you in total.

When looking at RPA vendors, the potential scalability of ElectroNeek solutions is unparalleled. The flexible commercial models have allowed us to offer creative & infinitely scalable solutions to a wider range of clients. In my experience, there is no solution that can quite meet SMB and Mid-Market customers the way ElectroNeek can.
Haadi Ladha
Head of Development at Thrive Automation

Enterprise-grade security

Your automation workflows are protected by AWS Guard Duty and SOC 2 Type II certification. Our information security policies and business processes are based on broadly accepted international security standards, such as ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, the formal certification is planned for 2022. Also, in 2022 the company expects to complete requirements for GDPR and HIPPA compliance and obtain correspondent certificates.

SaaS Orchestrator enterprise grade security

Central bot deployment

With the Central Deployment feature, you can run bots on any machine equipped with Bot Runner within your infrastructure. Once a bot is connected to SaaS Orchestrator, you won’t have to deploy it on another device manually.

SaaS Orchestrator central bot deployment

Multitenancy support

If you develop automations for multiple clients or departments and prefer to keep their workflows separated, establish several SaaS Orchestrator tenants to manage everything from a single command center.

SaaS Orchestrator multitenancy support

Powerful integration capabilities

Integrate ElectroNeek with your tech stack to simplify automation adoption.

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