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Manage your Intelligent Automation Ecosystem

Experience the power of an orchestrator that seamlessly publishes, integrates, schedules, and controls your automated workflows.

One Orchestrator to manage them all:


Maximize your benefits:

Centralized Management
of your workflows, launches and Bot Runners
Just-in-Time Automations
trigger workflows to meet your business needs
Easy Monitoring
with simple dashboards and real-time event auditing
Continuous Operation
of your Bot Runners with 99%+ service availability
Effective AI Bot Collaboration
thanks to interactive and flexible bot sequencing
Powerful Integrations
to combine bots with your current tech stack
Powerful and elegantly simple management!

On-demand RDP Connection

Run bots remotely without worrying about activating sessions manually!

Check out the Help Center article to learn more.

SaaS Orchestrator enterprise grade security

Console Log Monitoring

Track bot performance based on business parameters you set in advance.

Find more information about this functionality here.

SaaS Orchestrator central bot deployment

Multitenancy support

Manage and keep your workflows separated for your clients or different departments with multiple SaaS Orchestrator instances.

Get familiar with this feature in this document.

SaaS Orchestrator multitenancy support

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