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An integrated development environment for rapid automation

Whether you’re just starting your RPA journey or are already a pro, ElectroNeek's intuitive development environment provides you with all the tools you need to automate any mundane tasks.

Studio Pro at a glance

Zero learning curve icon

learning curve

Thanks to the intuitive drag-and-drop editor with no-code/low-code blocks, you’ll create your first bot in minutes.

Simple yet flexible icon

yet flexible

Friendly to RPA newbies, Studio Pro allows you to build advanced automation with Python and JavaScript execution.

Shortest time to production icon

time to production

Create bots 10x faster than with any other software to drive an accelerated test-to-production cycle and RPA adoption timeline.

First-class RPA developer experience

With ready-made building blocks, any junior developer can turn into an RPA pro in no time.

No-code / low-code

Create automation algorithms without a line of code: just use ready-made activity blocks to build workflows brick by brick.

No-code / low-code development environment with ElectroNeek Studio Pro

Bots Powered by
Open AI technology

Enhanced decision-making abilities, enabling them to automate more complex logic and achieve greater productivity.

Native JavaScript

You can configure or modify any activity in a few keystrokes using JavaScript to meet your unique automation needs.

Python activities

Want to hardcode something? No problem, add scripts written in Python in your workflow.

Versatile GUI automation with ElectroNeek Studio Pro

Versatile GUI

Automate any action in desktop and browser environments on the graphic user interface level.

IT automation

Augment any action in legacy and homegrown applications using Desktop Element Picker and Clicker.

Desktop and browser
apps automation

Put any action or a sequence of user’s actions in apps on autopilot by delegating them to software robots.

Java apps

The desktop picker effectively detects buttons and interface elements inside the applications built on Java.

Process recording

With Studio Pro, repeating a user’s actions once can be enough to build automation out of it. Fewer clicks, less hassle: an automated workflow right in front of you in five seconds.

Process recording with ElectroNeek Studio Pro

Cognitive web scraping

You don’t need to be an HTML, CSS, or JavaScript expert to automate web data scraping. Simply mark up the data you need once, and the scraper will understand what you want and do the rest.

Citrix & RDP surface automation

Set up multiple virtual machines, automate the workflows related to those machines, and distribute them among employees.

Citrix and RDP surface automation with ElectroNeek Studio Pro
A perfect match with your software stack

Integrate Studio Pro with your other systems and applications.


Tools to optimize your development cycle

Local development


File history logs all the changes in automated workflows.

You can name versions, leave comments, or — if necessary — fall back to a previous version.



Set the rules on what happens if there’s an error occurred during bot execution.

Each activity block in Studio Pro has a red port, so you can easily define plan B.



Easily investigate what went wrong without lifting a finger.

With Studio Pro’s built-in debugger, you can execute the algorithm step by step and catch the bug.

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When looking at RPA vendors, the potential scalability of ElectroNeek solutions is unparalleled. The flexible commercial models have allowed us to offer creative & infinitely scalable solutions to a wider range of clients. In my experience, there is no solution that can quite meet SMB and Mid-Market customers the way ElectroNeek can.

Haadi Ladha

Head of Development at Thrive Automation ElectroNeek Partner

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