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Easley AI

Transform Business Processes with Easley AI: Natural Language-Driven Automation Powered by ElectroNeek. 

Unleash Innovation, Boost Efficiency, and Foster Progress That Knows No Technology Bounds.

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Empower Your Business with Easley AI

Unlock the full potential of your business with Easley AI, the first of its kind that effortlessly automates business processes using natural language instructions. Powered by ElectroNeek, Easley AI revolutionizes how you create workflows, no matter how complex your concepts.

Let your creativity soar without limitations — Easley AI is not just a tool, it’s your trusted assistant. It doesn’t just help you build smart RPA bots in a matter of seconds, it also automates your business processes, creates software bots with zero code just an idea described in the text, and knows the answer to any tech-related question in a second.

Say goodbye to mundane tasks and focus on what truly matters. 

The Power of Conversation and Innovation in Your Hands

Easley AI simplifies automation. No coding expertise is required. Use our GPT prompts to create efficient workflows effortlessly. Handle files, emails, spreadsheets, and IntelliDocs easily. Multilingual support for diverse environments.

  • Effortless Automation: Save time, and automate manual 
  • Natural Language Instructions: Describe your process, Easley AI executes it.

Easley AI – Your Partner in Progress

It’s not just about automation; it’s about accessibility and efficiency. Easley AI stands out with its automatic comment creation feature, offering clarity at every step of your workflow. Experience an unprecedented level of automation with Easley AI—coding is now effortless.

Lean into the future with Easley AI. Make the leap and let us revolutionize the way your business operates. Your journey to simpler, smarter workflows starts here.

  • Multilingual Support: Whether you speak Spanish, Portuguese, or any other language, Easley AI is equipped to understand and respond.
  • Auto-Commenting: Easley AI provides step-by-step clarity by automatically commenting throughout the process.

Unlock the business process automation with Easley AI

  • Code Generation: Need code? Easley AI can generate it on demand, making development quicker and more accessible.
  • Broad Task Compatibility: From handling files and emails to managing spreadsheets and IntelliDocs, Easley AI can automate it all.
  • Innovation Fostered: With Easley AI, let your creative ideas flow freely. It’s not just a tool; it’s your trusted partner in the journey of business automation.
  • Powered by ElectroNeek: Rest assured, you’re in good hands. Easley AI is leveraged by the 2023 AI Breakthrough leader, ElectroNeek.

Easley AI is your 24/7 teammate to help make automation easier and faster

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Easley AI is with you at every process step

Easley AI capabilities allow for the creation of workflows using a range of learned activities, including “assign-variable,” “console-log,” “condition,” “read-file,” “delay,” and “cmd.” 

These activities offer a robust set of tools to build precise and efficient automation workflows, and we are continuously working to expand the selection with more activities in the future.

No Empty Canvas

Start building bots by writing text in how you speak naturally, not programming language.

75% Faster

Reduce time for building and testing software bots.

Business User Focused

Everyone can now build sophisticated automation workflows, not just a developer.

No more knowledge barriers

Automating business processes using RPA can be daunting, especially for those without coding skills. Traditional methods like drag-and-drop or writing complex code can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Imagine spending hours or even days trying to automate a simple task, only to end up with errors or inefficient workflows. It’s a roadblock to your productivity and a barrier to innovation.

But not anymore with Easley AI.


Increased Efficiency: Easley AI saves time and increases productivity by providing the ability to build complex RPA workflows with simple text instructions. This benefit is especially valuable for businesses that require repetitive manual tasks and can now leverage RPA to automate these tasks.


Error Reduction: Easley AI LLM prompt feature reduces the likelihood of human error during the RPA development process. This enhancement ensures that the workflows follow the best practices, resulting in more accurate and reliable automation.


Cost Savings: Businesses can save on development costs by allowing non-technical users to build RPA workflows. Easley AI no-code feature also reduces the need for hiring additional IT staff for RPA development, further reducing costs. The cost savings benefits are particularly appealing to smaller businesses that may not have dedicated IT teams or large budgets for automation.

How Easley AI Works

Describe Your Process: Begin by describing your desired business process in natural language. With Easley AI, there’s no need for complex coding or technical jargon. Simply, communicate in your own words.

Easley AI Analyzes Your Input: Once you’ve provided your instructions, Easley AI gets to work. Using advanced language modeling technology powered by OpenAI, Easley AI understands your requirements, regardless of the complexity or specificity.

Workflow Creation: Following your instructions, Easley AI creates an automation workflow, handling everything from managing files and emails to interacting with spreadsheets and IntelliDocs.

Auto-Commenting and Code Generation: As Easley AI crafts your process, it provides clarity by automatically commenting at each step. If there’s a need for code, Easley AI generates it, ensuring the process is as transparent and understandable as possible.

Review and Implement: Once the process is created, you can review it. If everything is to your liking, implement the automation. If you want changes, simply provide new instructions and Easley AI will adjust accordingly.

Enjoy Your Automated Process: With the workflow in place, you can enjoy the efficiency and productivity boost that comes with automation. Free up your schedule from mundane tasks and focus on strategic and creative aspects of your business.

More Efficiency, More Accuracy, and Bigger Savings. This is Business Process Automation with Easley AI.