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Rapidly grow your service business in the hottest automation market. Win more work and increase the profitability of your RPA services.

Get the best RPA tools

Get the best RPA tools for building and maintaining bots

Give your clients free

Give your clients free bot licenses to run these bots

Easy and affordable RPA for IT Teams

Build RPA bots fast with IDE that balances no-code/low-code functionality for junior developers with advanced features for experienced developers.

Premium RPA tools

Your developers get premium RPA tools

Give your clients free

Your company gets unlimited of RPA bot licenses

Free RPA bot licenses by ElectroNeek

Sign up for RPA bot development and maintenance with an ElectroNeek Partner to get all of your automations license-free, forever.

Get all the benefits of RPA

Get all the benefits of RPA without paying for the software

the RPA market

A one-of-a-kind offering in the RPA market

The Next Generation of Robotic Process Automation

New Product


Desktop Activity Mining suite to identify repeatable processes worthwhile automating


Premium RPA IDE to quickly build no-code/low-code browser and desktop automations


Web-based Orchestrator that brings together all your RPA bots and SaaS workflows


Enterprise-grade features and security to control, schedule, trigger and send notifications

How it works

Develop RPA bots in Studio Pro

1. Develop RPA bots in Studio Pro

Developers download Studio Pro to design and save automated workflows as RPA bots

Deploy anywhere, license-free

2. Deploy anywhere, license-free

Anyone in the world, inside or outside the organization, can run the bots build in Studio Pro without a license

Orchestrate at any scale

3. Orchestrate at any scale

Admins can connect and manage hundreds of RPA bots and external SaaS workflows

We democratized Robotic Process Automation so that any company can start automating and scale for free


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Approved Vendor

Everest Group

Top Aspirant in RPA 2020 PEAK Matrix


Momentum Leader, Winter 2021


Best in Ease of Use, Summer 2020


7 Innovations for the future of RPA, 2020

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Wilton A. Rogers III

Founder/CEO Scale Through Automation Group

ElectroNeek genuinely cares about their partners and go out of their way to make sure we have what we need to take care of our clients.


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