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Which ElectroNeek product is right for you?
ElectroNeek Studio

Built to help RPA developers and IT-savvy professionals solve challenging automation tasks on PCs or servers, Studio’s intuitive design allows even nonexperts to create complex automations.

  • Drag & Drop Workflows
  • Process Recorder
  • Local Bot Scheduling
  • JavaScript and Python
  • Powerful Error Handling
ElectroNeek Orchestrator
Once your bots are up and running, the Orchestrator allows you to control the bot ecosystem and analyze its productivity through an intuitive dashboard-style web interface.
  • Triggers & Scheduling
  • REST API & Webhooks
  • Statuses, Alerts & Processes
  • Zapier/IFTTT Connectors
  • Cloud & On-premise Software
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Best RPA Partner

We have worked with other RPA vendors and the support and creativity of ElectroNeek is unmatched. It’s not even close. They are by far the best RPA partner we have ever worked with. They genuinely care about their partners and go out of their way to make sure we have what we need to take care of our clients.

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With our platform, you’ll be able to create a free digital workforce with RPA bots and charge clients only for the IDE.

ElectroNeek helps you:
  • Master the tool through a quick training
  • Win more RPA implementation work
  • Create new RPA-as-a-Service offerings
  • Gain warm implementation leads
  • Build your brand with our marketing support
Need inspiration? See how industry RPA leaders are using their bots:

Electrolux built a bot that imitates logistics managers’ actions in spreadsheets, legacy applications, and homegrown IT solutions.


Epiroc created bots that source pricing requests across multiple business units and centralize processing in a transparent environment, making backlog data and status available to the sales team 24/7.

Beluga built a bot that speeds up employee onboarding by automatically installing necessary software on new employees’ machines and virtual desktops.

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