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Tell us about you to guide your automation experience

Tell us about you to guide your automation experience
ElectroNeek helps Enterprises automate repetitive business processes that involve working on a computer. By leveraging the digital workforce built on the ElectroNeek platform to routines like processing applications, reports, invoices, orders, claims, statements, tickets, etc. companies can automate up to 80% of everyday office work.

If you haven’t heard about Robotic Process Automation before, we suggest you start from here, otherwise, go to the product tour and learn why companies prefer ElectroNeek over other RPA vendors.
We work with Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies on the automation of business processes in customer service, back offices, and call centers. ElectroNeek’s ease of use (recognized as the best in the automation industry) means that you can implement powerful RPA & AI automation faster and at a lower cost.

We suggest you schedule a demo of our technology in action and learn more about our success stories in Electrolux, Epiroc and Beluga.
ElectroNeek provides IT professionals with many instruments to connect and integrate systems with cross-application workflows with both API and No-API capabilities. The platform provides a Process Recorder to automate any desktop tasks on the level of the graphic user interface (Machine Vision), visual programming to automate data flow to and from Excel spreadsheets and ERPs, the ability to process unstructured data, and much more.

We suggest you dive deeper into ElectroNeek’s automation capabilities and get the free community version of the software to start and learn.
ElectroNeek is the only one Robotic Process Automation vendor that has built-in Activity Mining capabilities to automatically identify RPA-ready processes and calculate savings, completely out-of-the-box. If you struggle with estimating potential ROI on automation initiatives, ElectroNeek does such estimates and prioritization automatically. Be the most insightful analyst for your boss.

We suggest you learn more about People Dashboard or sign up for our free expert session on estimating Return on Investment for your automation cases.
Software bots created with ElectroNeek imitate any repetitive actions that a person can do on a computer, like copy-pasting between systems, using a mouse and a keyboard, and automating more complex cognitive tasks with Machine Learning. Enterprise processes automated in this way can be executed much faster, so the business saves employee time and gets things done quicker, driving both the top-line and operating margin.

We suggest you start with the What is RPA page and enroll in our free online academy to get up to speed with upcoming Enterprise hyperautomation trends.
It’s a great pleasure to meet you! ElectroNeek is all about building a community of automation leaders, evangelists, and citizen developers. We have been consistently ranked the best in the ease of use (G2, Capterra) and have been included in the Top 3 RPA platforms based on user reviews, as well as featured in Gartner’s 2020 research on top vendors. We specialize in making hard and time-consuming things about RPA and ML, whether it’s processing unstructured data or routinely automating Citrix and Excel tables, easy. By simplifying things, workflows can be built faster at a lower cost.If you work in an Enterprise-grade company, we suggest you book a demo with one of our product experts to learn about our core strengths and industry-specific bots in the free marketplace.

Our clients

  • Electrolux
  • Beluga
  • Epiroc


A multinational home appliance manufacturer, Electrolux, identified inefficiencies in their management of a global logistics fleet for the delivery of household and professional equipment. Numerous manual operations are completed in the backup system and account for up to 40% of the time spent by logistics managers. Thus, the delivery fleet was underutilized by 25%, so it processed fewer orders than its capacity.

Solution and results

The ElectroNeek robots imitate manager’s actions in spreadsheets, legacy, and homegrown IT solutions used by logistics managers. ElectroNeek automatically analyzes trucks’ workload tracked in the fleet management system, schedules truck routes, and manages downtimes. The robot also creates the necessary supporting documentation for the delivery, saving 14 000+ hours of manual work a year for the household delivery managers. As a result, delivery fleet utilization improved by more than 15%.


The leading producer of distilled spirits had a high share of repetitive manual operations in setting up IT infrastructure and onboarding new employees, including registration of hardware and business software installation. The dedicated team for new employee onboarding grew up quicker than the company headcount because the onboarding process had numerous bottlenecks due to the complexity of internal access rights. On average, one member of a dedicated IT team was able to onboard 1-2 new employees per day.

Solution and results

The robot developed on the ElectroNeek platform automatically installs necessary software on new employees’ machines and virtual desktops. The robot configures email, security settings, remote access rights, installs necessary themes, templates, and guides. As a result, one member of a dedicated IT team was able to onboard 6 new employees per day, reducing the onboarding process’s cost by 60%.


The global mining company received 100+ requests for spare parts and supplies prices a day. As there was no central point of contact to process all the requests, and the quote process had a high share of repetitive actions in CRM and ERP, more than 5% of applications were lost or in “idle” mode, creating a backlog of requests for the sales team.

Solution and results

Robots built on the ElectroNeek platform and managed with Orchestrator source pricing requests across multiple business units and centralize processing in a transparent environment with backlog and statuses available 24/7 for the sales team. Due to a significant reduction in manual data entry volume, business units save more than 20 000 hours of sales managers’ time per year. As a result, the company not only increased the efficiency of its sales but also improved its customer service by reducing average response time by 50%.

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Why clients in 20+ countries choose ElectroNeek

Most easy RPA

Most easy RPA

#1 on G2 and Capterra ease-of-use rankings because of its intuitive interface and advanced no-code/low-code features

Fastest to implement

Fastest to implement

Automatic process discovery, analytics, recommendations, ready-to-download bots and intelligent assistance with bot design


Most Affordable

Learn and start for free with all functions and features, turn your employees into the automation force and maximize ROI

Ideal vendor
We needed ElectroNeek’s toolset for extracting proprietary data from difficult sources. It took us less than a week to set up the system and we saw positive results within hours.

Nik Shah, EY, Americas Innovation, Chief of Staff

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