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Automation As a Service: How MSPs Benefit From ElectroNeek RPAaaS

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According to Mordor Intelligence, in 2020 the global AaaS (Automation-as-a-Service) market was estimated at more than $2.5 billion , with the compound annual growth rate forecasted to reach 26,9% in the next 5 years. The increasing trends for cloud computing triggered by COVID-19 and decreasing automation costs are among the key drivers for accelerated AaaS adoption.

In this article we will observe the benefits of RPA as a service business model as part of AaaS, ElectroNeek RPA and its RPAaS model benefits for Managed Service Providers, and we will provide 3 popular example use cases of executing RPA in a day-to-day MSP business.

What is RPA as a Service?

RPA as a service is a business model which means that a service provider executes deployment of the RPA platform to assist customers in automating their repetitive, mundane tasks. One of the reasons businesses address outsourcing is the scalability potential brought by RPA technology. With a trusted RPA vendor which offers affordable costs, a managed service provider can grow both automation capabilities for their customers and revenues for their own business. Below we will reveal the benefits of the RPAaaS model in more detail.

Benefits of RPA-as-a-Service model for Managed Service Providers

Among the numerous benefits that RPA as a service model brings to Managed Service Providers, these are several of the most important:

Winning new markets

Due to the common prejudice that RPA is an expensive technology, not many businesses which are end-users implement automation. Provision of such services from a managed service provider is a great opportunity for the business to implement automation at a scope that is convenient for them, without large expenditures and complicated procedures. For MSPs, it is a great opportunity to solve daily customer challenges and to win new markets by providing new services.

Building expertise

Provision of RPA services means collaboration with a trusted RPA vendor with years of RPA practice and technology expertise. For those managed service providers who are in the beginning stages of the RPA implementation business, it is a great opportunity to become seasoned experts in RPA and provide premium services which have never been done before.

Enhanced scalability opportunities

The RPA-as-a-service model includes purchasing the technology to serve the client's operational excellence and optimization needs. By partnering with a suitable vendor, RPA Managed Service Providers ensure limitless scalability with minimal technology costs.

Top 3 use cases of RPA as a service by MSPs

Case #1: Internal troubleshooting

RPA is one of the best tools when it comes to trigger-based activities. Take advantage of bots that will take care of detecting infrastructure problems, and use them to send timely alerts and notifications by messages or emails to the stakeholders.

Case #2: System deployment

Application deployment, updates, tests and builds are common routines that while performed manually, may take countless hours. RPA can take on this burden and streamline your application deployment by up to 5 times.

Case #3: Hardware management

Server setup and maintenance are challenging tasks, especially when it comes to manual execution. RPA handles most of these server provisioning activities including OS, storage resources, and configuration management activities. 

ElectroNeek RPA-as-a-Service for Managed Service Providers

When you see the benefits of automation as a service business model, you may have a quite reasonable question: how to choose the right RPA vendor to win big in the RPAaaS business.

There are generally 2 main factors that you need to consider when searching for a perfect fit: technology and costs. By technology, we mean the stability and security of the RPA solution and features. Costs include mostly the licensing model.

When it comes to ElectroNeek RPA, you don't have to worry about these two factors:


ElectroNeek RPA is a globally-recognized RPA vendor with the easiest to use drag-and-drop functionality, enhanced security standards guaranteed by SOC2 and flexibility ensured by 2000+ Zapier integrations.


ElectroNeek offers a one-of-a-kind proposition on the RPA market: limitless free bot licenses. This means that your MSP business does not pay for commercial software. You purchase the Studio Pro integrated development environment, and can build and deploy as many bots for your or your clients’ tasks as the business needs.

Final thoughts

In this article, we’ve observed the RPA-as-a-Service business model and how it can help MSPs in their automation journey.

In a nutshell, any business is about pleasing the customer. By leveraging RPA capabilities, you can significantly reduce your time and money expenditures, and optimize your teams’ activities to offer enhanced and upgraded services to your customer. This is one of the main ingredients of premium managed services, and your company will prosper as a result.

Want to try RPA as a service? Schedule a demo for an easy start.

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