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Analyzing the Competitive Landscape: Enterprise RPA Vendors

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Robotic Process Automation is one of the top five emerging technologies in 2023. In recent years, companies have substantially benefited from RPA technology, which is constantly evolving.

From the start of the pandemic to the looming threat of a recession, companies are looking for ways to cut costs, and RPA is at the top of the list for helping companies implement resource-saving strategies.

According to Grandview research, 48%of organizations are working on installing business process automation solutions that specifically automate the management of manual tasks.

Are you an MSP or IT Services business owner looking for a way to optimize business processes for your large-scale clients? 

Do you need a comprehensive hyperautomation platform to manage enterprise applications but need help figuring out where to begin? 

What Are Enterprise RPA Vendors?

Enterprise RPA vendors provide software solutions for robotic process automation (RPA) to enable companies to automate manual processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Enterprise RPA vendors are best for large companies because they provide the scalability, security, and flexibility needed to manage large-scale automation projects. 

Examples of enterprise RPA vendors include Automation Anywhere, UiPath, Blue Prism, and IBM Robotic Process Automation. 

What do Enterprise RPA Vendors Offer?

Enterprise RPA vendors offer comprehensive solutions tailored to a large organization's needs, such as advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, data integration, and comprehensive system management.

Additionally, enterprise RPA vendors provide enterprise-grade security protocols, ensuring that sensitive customer data is protected. 

Finally, enterprise RPA vendors offer a wide range of services, from consulting and implementation to ongoing maintenance and support, enabling large companies to customize their automation solutions and ensure that their systems are always up-to-date.

The Benefits of Enterprise RPA Solutions 

Enterprise RPA vendors are the perfect choice for businesses with a considerable budget and seeking to expand their automation projects. 

These platforms are ideal for automating complex, end-to-end enterprise processes critical to success.

Want to know more about the benefits of working with an Enterprise RPA vendor? 

We have compiled a list of the top best-selling features offered by enterprise RPA software.

Advanced RPA for Complex Automation: Many enterprise RPA vendors offer various functionalities within their RPA platform that leverage OCR, ML, and NLP optimal for intelligently recognizing document characters. In addition, some RPA vendors offer UI and programming customization for more complex workflows.

Wide Range of Integrations: Enterprise RPA vendors offer various integration capabilities with enterprise software and applications.

Unattended and Attended Automation: All enterprise vendors offer attended and unattended automation capabilities that supplement human action and processes that don’t require human intervention.

Existing Community of Developers: Enterprise vendors have built their developer communities that offer users an open platform to share, learn and create discussion posts.

Free Trials for MSPs Available: Enterprise vendors offer their RPA software through an initial free trial for the MSP to build and deploy automation before they purchase. 

The Drawbacks of Enterprise RPA Solutions 

Though enterprise RPA vendors offer many benefits and features to implementing end-to-end enterprise processes, there are considerable drawbacks to these software solutions that you may want to consider.

We have compiled the main drawbacks of enterprise RPA vendors that should be considered if you are still determining what RPA platform is best for your business.

Complex Workflows Require Coding Capabilities: While some enterprise vendors offer low-code automation solutions if you are building complex automation, your development team will need experience in enterprise RPA tools and coding skills.

Long Production Cycles: The development cycles can be extensive because of the complex workflows and the coding expertise needed.  A long production cycle can be costly, representing the sunk cost that IT Service Providers often hold alone.

High Cost of Executing Bots: Most enterprise vendors use pricing models that charge per bot, which means every bot deployed will require a license fee that can add up to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. High per-bot costs can make it challenging to scale your business. In addition, a client just starting with automation may not view the benefits in line with the initial investment or high costs required to deploy the bot.

In addition to these drawbacks, the end client is charged, so you have little control over the costs of your services, and the costs will continue to increase considerably the more bots are deployed as the operation scales.

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Unlock Your Business Potential with the Right RPA Software

ElectroNeek has served many customers who have worked with enterprise vendors and mid-market solutions. Only you can decide if an enterprise solution fits your business best. 

There may be situations where enterprise solutions are the perfect fit for some clients and scenarios where the client needs a different approach.

And that is precisely what ElectroNeek client MSI Pros determined when searching for an RPA software solution for its clients.

MSI Pros had previously worked with enterprise organizations on large-scale processes, drafting hundreds of automations.

MSI Pros medium-sized clients needed process automation solutions that would enable them to successfully scale their business without incurring a higher operating cost. The prices offered by enterprise software vendors made it difficult for them to scale their operations. 

“The flexibility and agile pricing of ElectroNeek have helped support doing business with smaller companies. A flexible subscription provides a lower barrier of entry, giving us a foot in the door for smaller companies resulting in a valuable, long-term relationship with our clients.”

Enterprise solutions may be better suited if you are looking for a solution for your medium-sized clients. 

Revolutionizing Process Automation: Streamlining Workflows for Organizations of All Sizes

Another ElectroNeek client, Intellimorph, set forth to develop its IT business in the SMB market because, traditionally, automation is geared toward enterprise companies. 

Intellimorph predominantly worked with charity organizations to improve their business processes and increase productivity. 

The charity industry faces slowed growth as business operating costs rise with inflation and grapples with challenges of recruiting employees due to the lower pay of jobs in the charity sector.

Intellimorph compared trials from several vendors to determine how user-friendly each platform was without training its developers while weighing other options such as cost, support, and more.

“We have been able to offer smaller business RPA, which would not be possible with traditional vendors. With ElectroNeek, the product allows us to target both sides of the spectrum. It allows us to scale and meet the needs of larger clients and smaller businesses.”
Mohomad Shafi SacoorChief Delivery Officer, Intellimorph

Uncovering the Best RPA Platforms - A Comprehensive eBook

For-profit companies with over 250 employees generating significant revenue are great candidates for enterprise RPA solutions. 

If you are looking for an RPA platform suitable for enterprises and mid-market businesses, look no further.

ElectroNeek is one of the most affordable yet feature-rich platforms in the automation market. With no-code drag-and-drop automations, development support for your first bot, recipe tutorials, and much more, you will hit the ground running toward building recurring revenue.

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If you want to learn more about the enterprise RPA software market, dive into mid-market solutions, or analyze open-source vendors, check out our newest eBook, Competitive Marketing Landscape, here.

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