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How ElectroNeek Use Cases Enhance ConnectWise Business Management

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You’ve heard the saying, “Time is money.”

And, if you are an MSP or a business owner in general, you understand the saying with first-hand experience.

To effectively manage your business and client operations, you must have a comprehensive client management system where you can create and store leads, generate service reports, create purchase orders, and manage a client ticketing system.

In this blog post, we will dive into some of the fantastic ElectroNeek use cases that leverage process automation to carry out functions in ConnectWise, such as automated ticket creation, lead registration, generating service reports, and sales order creation.

What do I need to get started?

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ConnectWise Manage is a professional services automation (PSA) software that helps businesses manage their operations, projects, clients, and finances all in one platform. It is designed to streamline IT service delivery and support, automate billing and invoicing, and provide visibility into the performance of the business.

To take advantage of the pre-built workflows, you must have access to ConnectWise API and get the API key, private and public key, and client id. 

You must also have access to ElectroNeek’s Intelligent Document Processing solution, IntelliDocs.

What is IDP?

IDP, or Intelligent Document Processing, is a crucial tool for businesses looking to optimize their automation processes. When integrated with RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, IDP can enhance the accuracy and speed of data extraction from unstructured documents.

Once you have access to these products, you are ready to start automating!

ConnectWise Service Ticket Creation: Accurate Ticket Creation for Automated Customer Support

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If you use a ticketing system, you understand the importance of accurate and timely ticket creation for communication, organization, and accountability within your customer support and sales team. 

Manual ticket creation is time-consuming, prone to errors, and can result in limited tracking and reporting capabilities, leading to delays in addressing customer issues and difficulty in analyzing customer issues for improvement.

With this ElectroNeek use case, you can use bots to handle ticket creation. 

The bot accesses a mailbox with user requests and creates service tickets in ConnectWise via API. With a predefined schedule, the bot reads emailed requests and extracts relevant information from the email, such as the user's name, email address, and the issue they are reporting.

From there, the bot sends an HTTP request to ConnectWise API to create a ticket before sending an acknowledgment message to the user, letting them know their ticket has been made. Afterward, the ElectroNeek bot will notify the support team by email that the new ticket has been created.

Automating ticket creation improves efficiency, quality, and customer experience, making it a valuable investment for any business.

Intelligent Ticket Processing: Streamlined Management of Customer Inquiries

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Streamline the purchasing process and inventory management with the help of the IntelliDocs API.  With this use case, bots extract information from purchase order documents and create sales orders in seconds.

Automate intelligent ticket processing with OpenAI and RPA bots to streamline customer service inquiries, reducing manual processing time, improving response times, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Intelligent ticket processing is a cost-effective and efficient way to manage customer service inquiries. By automating the process, businesses can reduce the time spent manually processing tickets, freeing up resources to focus on other areas of the business. 

Additionally, intelligent ticket processing improves customer satisfaction by providing faster response times and more accurate resolution of customer issues.

In this use case, the bot reads and parses emails to categorize support tickets with the help of OpenAI. Next, the bot analyzes the email content with the “Ask AI” activity to understand if a support ticket needs to be created. If a ticket is required, the bot creates a ticket in the ticket management tool and sends an email back to the user with a link.

ConnectWise Companies and Opportunities Registration: Streamline Your Leads Collection

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One of the most important aspects of a sales team is its ability to effectively prospect and collect leads, tracking them inside of a CRM. However, manually inputting leads and other data entry tasks are time-consuming and costly. 

Automating inputting leads into a CRM can bring many benefits to businesses, such as saving time and reducing the chances of error. 

With the ConnectWise Companies and Opportunities Registration, the bots do the heavy lifting, inputting a large volume of leads quickly and accurately into the ConnectWise platform.

The ElectroNeek bot reads a spreadsheet containing companies, contacts, and opportunities data, then registers it in ConnectWise, first creating the company and contacts, then registering opportunities for these companies.

The bot uses information from spreadsheets related to opportunity details such as description, expected revenue, potential close date, and sales representative, so all your customer data is in one place.

The bot emails the assigned sales representative to notify them that a new opportunity has been created for them.

Now, you can easily access all of your customer data to streamline your workflow and have access to detailed information to help you and your sales team make strategic business decisions to maximize your sales potential. 

Say goodbye to scattered spreadsheets and hello to a more efficient way of doing business.

ConnectWise Monthly Service Reports: Automatically Generate Monthly Service Reports

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Companies need to leverage data associated with their service performance to avoid poor customer experience, inefficient operations, missed revenue opportunities, inaccurate decision-making, and increased risk. Understanding customer preferences, behavior, and history is crucial for providing personalized and relevant services, identifying the root causes of issues, and making informed decisions. 

With automated reporting and analytics, companies can save time and effort in collecting and processing data, reduce the risk of errors and inconsistencies, and provide a more personalized view of their service performance for each customer.

In this use case, the ElectroNeek RPA bot reads a Microsoft Excel file, generates monthly service ticket reports in ConnectWise, and emails them to each customer. You can set a predefined schedule for the bot to automatically generate a report containing information such as the company’s name and type of report.

Automating monthly service reports saves time, improves accuracy and consistency, provides real-time data, and eliminates the need for manual data entry, compilation, and formatting, reducing the chances of errors. 

Now, you can leverage automated reports to analyze trends, identify issues, make informed decisions, and understand the business’ service performance, making communicating with stakeholders and clients easier.

Sales Order Creation with IntelliDocs and ConnectWise: Easily Create Sales Orders with Bots

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Creating purchase orders is a vital function of any business that provides services to clients to streamline the purchasing process and manage inventory and finances.

The Sales Order Creation use case checks for an email containing a purchase order using the IntelliDocs API to extract information from the document. The bot opens a browser window to the ConnectWise site, logs in, and creates a sales order from the information in the purchase order document. 

Next, the bot checks if there is an opportunity, emailing the sales order if the opportunity exists or canceling the order if the opportunity does not exist.

Enhance Your ConnectWise Business Management with ElectroNeek Use Cases

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ElectroNeek's Bot Library offers a powerful solution to enhance ConnectWise business management processes. From automating lead registration to generating monthly service reports, creating service tickets, and sales order creation, these use cases save time, reduce errors, and improve efficiency, providing businesses with the tools they need to optimize their operations and provide exceptional customer service. 

With ElectroNeek and ConnectWise, MSPs can take their operations to the next level and focus on what truly matters, growing their business.

To learn more about ElectroNeek's Bot Library, book a demo.

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