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How does MSP find customers for hyperautomation IT services?

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Nowadays, IT is probably the most promising area for starting a business. In particular, many experts see hyperautomation as one of the most promising areas in the digital world. Gartner called it trend number one on Gartner’s Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2022.

The advantages of the technology are obvious. Businesses minimize mistakes, reduce prices, and complete tasks faster. And all that without human intervention. As a result, companies work more efficiently, and businesses gain competitive advantages in the market.

Anyway, progressive technology alone is not enough to make an IT business successful. What is extremely important is to find customers who would be willing to buy the IT services of your company.

This article talks about tools that should use MSPs to find customers and build long-term relationships with them. And, as a consequence, develop IT business. 

Hope you will get tips, skills, and plans to reach the prospects who need the IT services you offer. 

Where to look for the first customers?

Before talking about how MSPs get customers, the first thing to do is to determine who your clients are? The answer to this question can be found by looking at how digital transformation has changed business. 

It should be noted that before, only large corporations could afford automation because the technology was quite expensive. With the advent of hyperautomation, everything has changed. Small and medium companies (SMB) were also able to use the technology.

And this is an undoubted benefit. Now hyperautomation is available for companies of all sizes. About 80% of SMB CEOs see automating tasks and processes as essential to their survival. Xerox provides this data.

For MSPs, it opens up a large market. The majority of clients who will need automation services are SMB companies. So look for your customers in this field.

Sell problem-solving, not service

Okay, we've figured out which business sector MSPs should look for potential customers today. But this is just the beginning. It would help if you also understood the problem your prospect is trying to solve.

Imagine, your client is having trouble with data collection or document processing. Your task is to define this processes. And suggest to the customer solutions. Emphasize the immediate benefit of your product.

Hyperautomation like progressive technology can solve a lot of your customers' problems, with a number of tools:

  • artificial intelligence (AI) 
  • machine learning (ML)
  • robotic process automation (RPA)
  • optical character recognition (OCR)
  • natural language processing (NLP)
  • a digital twin of an organization (DTO)
  • process mining
  • intelligent business process management suites (iBPMS)

However, people don’t buy tools but the solution which helps them solve their problems.

Try to identify some industries with which they are going to work. And show your clients the range of processes in a particular sector that can be automated.

Examples of automated processes include:

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We strongly recommend you make a casebook with automation initiatives examples. Try to describe many cases for automation and RPA bot activities in this book. There also reflects several parameters that have been improved by hyperautomation:

  • saved working hours
  • business process optimization
  • automated software, code platform
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Fragment of casebook "101 RPA (robotic process automation) bots"

It's essential to give them concrete examples of automated business processes.

It's essential to give them concrete examples of automated business processes.With a casebook, clients understand your services better. Books with RPA bots give a glimpse to customers into what life could look like with technology. With this kind of material, you’re building trust with your prospect that is valuable in the long run.

7 tips for MSPs to find customers

Start with your network

You or your colleagues definitely had work experience in other companies and industries (e.g., finance, marketing, supply chain). Warm connections with these people may make it easier to get meetings, interest and suggest IT services. So maybe old clients can become new customers for your hyperautomation business.

The power of community

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Get involved in networking. Be part of a professional IT community. Sign up on LinkedIn. Write publications, participate in discussions on exciting topics, IT exhibitions, and events about automation or hyperautomation.

Join webinars about customer service, masterclasses, study industry analysis, e.t.c. Make valuable contacts: sooner or later, you will be remembered when your company's services are needed.

Take advantage of partnership programs

Make a partnership with your IT service provider. By becoming the gold, silver, or bronze partner, you are guaranteed to receive hot leads that will give you the first customers.

Land and Expand model

Use the model "Land and Expand" in your work with current clients. Learn as much as possible about clients' business processes.

Also, identify new processes to automate. All that allows you to develop within one client. This is how MSPs scale their IT businesses.

Work with your marketing team to reach customers

Think about working with your paid advertising team to ensure their ads reach those who fit your ICP. Use email marketing to attract and retain customers. Use a CTA that they sign up for your email list or newsletter. You can market to them when they’re not on your site.

Opportunities of paid ads

Using Facebook Ads or Google Adwords, create a landing page for your product or service. The platforms let you choose where your ads will appear and what you will bid on.

Keep in touch on social media

You can drive traffic to your website by engaging with your social media accounts. Share your blog posts and articles with your target audience. It's important to remember that organic traffic isn't a quick fix. It takes time.

Finding clients is serious work and investment. Maybe it can be challenging to acquire a first customer. But do not give up if you don't make the sale the first time you pitch. Attracting customers, especially in such a problematic area as hyperautomation, could be challenged.

Using the tips and advice above, you will likely find future customers and build a long-term relationships with them.

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