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Bridge the Gap Between Legacy Systems and Operations with ElectroNeek's Bot Library

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Pax8 is a cloud-based technology distributor providing businesses with a platform to purchase and manage cloud solutions. The company offers a wide range of cloud-based products and services, including software-as-a-service (SaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), and security solutions. Pax8 simplifies buying and selling cloud technology by providing a single platform for businesses to discover, buy, and manage their cloud solutions.

With ElectroNeek Bot Library, you can automate repetitive tasks using legacy infrastructure to reduce manual data analysis and quote creation in Pax8. 

Dive into our newest use cases to discover how to transform your data entry operations with pre-built RPA bots.

Pax8: Automatic Quote Creation in a Snap!

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This guide will show you how to automatically create a quote in Pax8 with a few plans and products inside each plan. All communications with the bot will be done through email messages.

Using the ‘Web Automation’ group, ‘Send email,’ ‘Read Excel,’ and other activities, the bot reads an email message and an Excel file attached to it, opens the Pax8 website, and creates a quote. Afterward, the RPA bot sends the quote link back to the requester.

IntelliDocs: Optimized Data Extraction from W-9 Forms 

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IDP, or Intelligent Document Processing, is a crucial tool for businesses looking to optimize their automation processes. When integrated with RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, IDP can enhance the accuracy and speed of data extraction from unstructured documents.

In addition to an ElectroNeek account, this workflow requires the user to access ElectroNeek’s IDP, IntelliDocs, to carry out the W-9 Form Data Extraction automation.

The bot loops through a local folder with W-9 forms, extracts data from them, and enters the information in an Excel spreadsheet. Using IntelliDocs, the bot extracts data such as date, name, address, city state zip, company, and SSN from a W-9 form.

During execution, the workflow will read the scanned W-9 image, extract the necessary information, and place it into the spreadsheet. Afterward, the bot will move the processed information to an output folder.

Querying AS400 System (Legacy System): Automate Repetitive, High-Volume Tasks

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Legacy applications are everywhere. Many businesses of all sizes use legacy software that requires manual data entry or extraction tasks due to the limited integration capabilities. The drawback of legacy software is that It makes modern work inefficient and increases the human resource needs of business owners.

A legacy application is software that is outdated or obsolete. Legacy apps may still be functional, but they may need to be more reliable to carry out essential functions due to compatibility issues with current operating systems, web browsers and IT infrastructures.

In large enterprises with complex systems, covering new-generation cloud-based platforms while continuing with stable legacy back-end infrastructure usually results in high-friction points at integration layers. These incompatible systems can also slow down enterprise automation efforts to free up humans and have automation bots take over repetitive tasks. 

This guide will show you how to automatically connect to a session using IBM Personal Communications, enter commands and save the result of those commands from the terminal window.

Using the Terminal Picker, ‘Send an email,’ and other activities, the bot runs a workstation file with a macro, saves the results, extracts the necessary information, and saves it into a file. Afterward, the bot sends an email containing the information inside an attachment.

Now, you can automate repetitive, high-volume tasks using legacy infrastructure like AS400 with terminal interfaces.

Update Currency Rates (Legacy System): Instantly Update Currency Exchange Rates

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This use case will showcase a few ways of interacting with legacy applications.

The ElectroNeek RPA bot updates currency rates in a legacy accounting application, GnuCash. 

Previously, users would have to retrieve and enter data into the system manually. It is crucial to have the latest currency exchange rates available, and the bot solves this problem while inputting the most accurate rates, eliminating the possibility of errors and delays.

The bot opens a URL to obtain the current exchange rate from, extracting and saving the rate to a variable. Next, the bot opens the GnuCash application and navigates to the price database pop-up window to the correct currency. Now, the bot can edit the currency with the updated rate with the value inside the variable before saving the changes in the GnuCash application.

ElectroNeek Recipes: The Ultimate Solution for Legacy System Integration

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ElectroNeek's Bot Library offers an excellent solution for businesses looking to automate repetitive and manual data entry tasks associated with legacy systems. 

With pre-built RPA bots, businesses can automate complex workflows requiring interaction with legacy applications. 

These use cases make it easier for businesses to free up resources and streamline their operations. By embracing legacy automation, businesses can achieve increased productivity, reduced errors, and better resource use while retaining legacy systems.

To learn more about ElectroNeek Bot Library, book a demo.

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