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RPA 101: What is automation in Marketing

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Marketing automation allows you to manage marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns across multiple channels.

Bots designed to streamline and simplify the time-consuming assignments of modern marketing specialists. The automation goes from the lead qualification process to creating a hub for digital campaign creation. 

Marketing specialists value RPA for its capability to perform small but important tasks, such as automated email replies 24/7 or data entry into the Hubspot in the end of the day, - which saves time and nerves, allowing people to prioritize strategic marketing tasks.

At its core, marketing automation allows you to implement a digital marketing strategy without manually pressing “send” on every message, ad, or social campaign, and posts you create. ElectroNeek helps you identify your core audience, design the proper content, and automatically trigger actions based on customer behavior. After publishing a campaign, you can focus on new assignments, rather than examine your marketing plan as results start coming in. Automation of the marketing strategy is aimed to save time and money, driving ROI while your team works on growing the business. 

To learn more about the opportunities that automation brings to your marketing activities, reach out to our automation experts.

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