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RPA 101: What is MS Automation?

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A package of Microsoft Office services for business processes are essential in day-to-day work life for so many people around the world. Automating the workflow in MS Word and MS Excel reduces the time spent on routine repetitive tasks which raises the productivity of employees.

Migrating and integrating information into several platforms can become time-consuming, even if you operate applications capable of importing and exporting files. Often data gets mixed up or lost in the process, so you are forced to redo the steps each time you sync the data.

With electroNeek MS Office Automation, manipulating Word and Excel data becomes effortless and error-free. It frees the valuable time of employees and allows them to spend more time on analytical assignments. Therefore, integration with other applications is done smoothly, and the productivity of the team is on the rise.

ElectroNeek MS Office Automation gives you numerous automation possibilities, regardless of the complexity of the tasks. Start by checking our ElectroNeek DevTool robot’s creating software and other recommended solutions in our platform.

What ElectroNeek can automate in MS Word

  • Reading the content of a Word file.
  • Overwriting the content of a Word document. 
  • Appending data to a Word document. If the record doesn’t exist, then the robot will create a new file automatically.

What ElectroNeek can automate in MS Excel

  • Reading the content of an Excel file. 
  • Writing data to an Excel file. 
  • Adding a row to the end of an Excel sheet.
  • Filling in forms with data from Excel spreadsheets
  • Running analysis reports

To learn more about the opportunities that MS Office automation will bring to your company, reach out to our automation experts.

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