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RPA 101: What is RPA in invoicing?

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Control of the financial flow in one of the most important parts of managing business where accurate and on-time invoices are the key.

Automated invoicing operations involve scheduling invoices in advance and issuing them automatically when it is needed. RPA invoicing bots allow entrepreneurs to set these processes up on their own or with the help of IT integrators to avoid any issues. In the business world, anything can go off the plans, including the scenarios when you urgently need to send a payment that a manager forgot to put into the system. That is not a problem.

With ElectroNeek, invoices can be manually issued without the need to search for a bookkeeper, in just a couple of minutes.


Automating invoicing operations leads to faster deals closing, customer experience, and the rise in productivity of the financial department. 

To learn more about automation in invoicing, which departments in your company can win from implementing RPA into this process, and where to start, reach out to our automation experts and get personalized recommendations.

Happy automation!

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