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RPA 101: What is RPA in Reporting?

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Nowadays, RPA isn’t just limited to tedious tasks like data entry but has stepped into crucial activities like providing valuable insights about the enterprise's performance in a form of automatically created and curated reports.

Report automation is the business process that is about creating and automatically updating digital reports using software like ElectroNeek. Then the collected data can be transferred to specific corporate systems or email addresses regularly with automatic email dispatches.

ElectroNeek RPA goes through APIs to automatically retrieve data from each program and integrate it into the software system. Automated data extraction and data entry processes allow employees to send error-free reports regularly to all parties concerned.

All in all, report automation is about saving time by automating the components of the reporting process that don’t necessarily require human insight and giving enough options to add those insights where they matter most to each company.

What can be automated with ElectroNeek:

  • Collecting data from ANY sources (emails, files, SaaS, spreadsheets, Slack, Trello, you name it) and composing a desktop or shared doc report
  • Merging excel tables and datasets
  • Calculating ROI for digital marketing based on Facebook, Google Ads ads reports and CRM data
  • Transforming complex data (for instance, accounting data) from one format to another for external reporting
  • Automatically building and sending reports to management and other stakeholders
  • Performing updates to CRM deals and contacts

To learn more about the use of RPA in reporting and how to start using its capabilities in your company, reach out to our automation experts.

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