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RPA for Developers: How to automate the use of API and HTTP requests

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The use of HTTP requests is crucial for integrating numerous services. In this article, we'll explain how ElectroNeek works with HTTP requests on a simple example - our bot will read emails and create deals in a CRM via API.

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The bot reads typical notification emails from a Gmail mailbox (an example can be seen in the screenshot below).

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Email example

First, the bot checks for emails. In this example, we use a mailbox with a predefined number but the algorithm can be easily tweaked to check for new emails in the inbox and to loop through them.

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Next, the bot parses email messages and prepares JSON for HTTP requests according to CRM's API (we use HubSpot as a CRM in this example). After that the bot will send HTTP request to API, store the response and repeat the process with other emails.

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Finally, the bot opens Chrome, logs in HubSpot and goes to deals to show newly created records.

ElectroNeek can help you automate your work with any API-based systems with no sweat. More than that, you can integrate your legacy / no-API systems with API-systems with ElectroNeek (read more about it here). And if you want to know more details about how ElectroNeek can improve your business processes - reach out to our automation expert.

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