‘RPA 101’: What are Webhooks?

‘RPA 101’: What are Webhooks?

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Webhooks in workflow automation is a set of data sending processes from ElectroNeek to an application outside of the platform. In other words, webhooks are a method of sending notifications using HTTP POST callbacks. 

  • Webhooks can be sent through workflow automation procedures when a record is added or updated.
  • Webhooks are only advised to those users already familiar with custom coding, and You will likely need to work with the IT department or a developer if you don’t have programming knowledge.

How ElectroNeek webhooks can be used

For example, you can set up a workflow to watch for new contacts in a specific region. When a new contact meets your criteria, electroNeek will send the contact’s information in the webhook to a URL that you’ve specified.

You can set up a callback URL in your application or integration that will accept the HTTP POST and process the data electroNeek sends over, or you can use a service like Zapier, which will accept webhooks and take additional actions in other connected systems.

To learn more about the use of Webhooks, reach out to our automation experts.