‘RPA 101’: What is Desktop Clicker?

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    A desktop clicker is a tool that allows you to automate repetitive yet straightforward action of clicking on the buttons. 

    Where can the Desktop Clicker be used?

    Here is a case study about ElectroNeek Clicker implementation

    Here is a case study about ElectroNeek Clicker implementation.

    To learn more about the functionality of Desktop Clicker and other ElectroNeek functions, enroll in our 14-day free trial. You simply create an account and invite your team members to join your virtual organization. After that, you can start analyzing work patterns, business processes and the efficiency of operations.

    All this information is crucial for discovering the automation opportunities in your company. Start optimizing workloads and reduce the number of routine tasks performed manually by people with ElectroNeek. The aggregated data and automation recommendations are available for the designated business users and admins in the online People Dashboard and Automation Hub. Authorized users can download on-premise ElectroNeek Studio to build and execute automated workflows.