‘RPA 101’: What is Machine Vision?

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    Machine vision (MV) is the technology for imaging-based automatic review and further analysis. MV is widely used for human-like recognition in such applications as automated examination, process control, and robot guidance.

    Automating Image Recognition with Machine Vision

    1. It is a cross-platform tool that supports automation on Windows, Linux, and other operating systems
    2. Robots recognize and interact with images. For example, you can click on the illustration that electroNeek bot previously identified.
    3. Intelligent, intuitive capabilities of bots allow them to provide details, validation, and notifications about on-screen selections
    4. Multiple development options: SaaS or on-premises.

    As the technology continues to get more advanced, the use cases for machine vision will continue to grow. 

    To learn more about the use of Machine Vision, reach out to our automation experts.