‘RPA 101’: What is Web Data Parsing?

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    Web data parsing is the analysis of input that helps to organize the data according to the rules of grammar. So if you receive data in raw HTML, a parser will take that HTML and transform it into a more readable data format that can be easily read and understood.

    A parser will distinguish which information of the HTML string is needed. Following the parsers’ pre-written code and rules, it, for instance, will pick out the required data and transform it into JSON, CSV, or a table.

    What are the benefits of Web Data Parsing Automation?

    Data parsing is aimed to help businesses use data more accurately. It also allows companies to understand and validate the given data that organizations can make the information fit into their systems, which is especially useful when data is on the web. Here are some ways that web data parsing can benefit a small business.

    To learn more about web data parsing and what benefits it will bring to your company, reach out to our automation experts.