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Accounts Payable Routine: How Much Can You Actually Automate?
~ 11 mins read

Many employees from MSPs often feel that automating AP is not possible or is not worth the investment. Yet, studies have shown that companies can benefit from the use of RPA. Automation of accounts payable (AP) routine is an effective solution for MSPs to make payments to suppliers in various forms such as checks, wire transfers, and other virtual payments. RPA automation involves more than simply making payments; it also verifies the account data before any money goes out.

SAGE about ElectroNeek
~ 2 mins read

Last week Rafael Casas, St Manager at SAGE mentioned ElectroNeek during the interview as one of the promising RPA solutions: But there is a really, really, really great RPA vendor that just came out, hasn’t been around too long. But they are already ranked by Forbes as the Top 5 vendors in the world. And […]