Using RPA in Accounting: Opportunities You’d Hardly Want to Miss

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Rafael Casas: on RPA, the Future of Accounting Profession, Challenges of COVID-19 and the Importance of Being Adaptive

We are happy to announce the launch of Electroneek Thought Leader blog series, where we will introduce you with topflight experts from various business areas and their invaluable insights.
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5 Ways Finance Teams Save Time With Automation

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ElectroNeek Partners with Sage to Simplify Automation For Accounting Professionals

Sage and ElectroNeek announce an alliance to make automation simpler and affordable for the accounting industry.
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The Benefits of RPA in Accounting and Finance

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Finance Departments Asked to Do More With Less

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‘RPA 101’: How RPA reduces operational costs

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‘RPA 101’: What is automation in Accounting?

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