ElectroNeek’s Lead Generation for MSPs Rockets Partners to New Heights
~ 4 minutes read

Following the evolution of the ElectroNeek Global Partnership Success Program, leading robotic process automation (RPA) vendor for managed service providers (MSPs), ElectroNeek, is helping its partners achieve new business growth through its revamped lead generation program.  Since shifting to providing RPA solutions and business support to MSPs in Q4 2020, ElectroNeek placed a significant focus […]

ElectroNeek Continues to Break the Mold: Doubling Down on Investments for ElectroNeek’s Global Partnership Success Program
~ 6 minutes read

Following a significant year of growth, ElectroNeek is elevating its offerings for managed service providers (MSPs) with the evolution of the ElectroNeek Global Partnership Success Program, hiring of a Head of Partner Success, and renewed investment in industry-leading infrastructure.  ElectroNeek isn’t simply satisfied with disrupting the RPA market with a unique licensing structure, an ecosystem […]

10 Free Tools for MSPs
~ 10 minutes read

As customer expectations increase every year, digital offerings are necessary to stay competitive. Hence, efficient and cost-effective tools are essential to succeed. Read more to find out about ten free tools available for MSPs.

Stress Management for MSPs
~ 6 minutes read

Stress management is essential for MSPs that have a high workload and little time. RPA is a great solution to reduce stress for MSPs as it automates the tiering tasks and creates more time for employees, ensuring they don’t feel too overwhelmed. Read more to find out about the role of RPA in managing stress.

Wilton Rogers, Founder of Simply Automate: Life has a way of putting you in a position to succeed if you stay true to your beliefs
~ 13 minutes read

Everyone chases the results, but the truth is, success does not happen overnight. It is the process and steps you take to get there that matters. Wilton Rogers is an example of a visionary who ensured his MSP Simply Automate reached the top with the help of ElectroNeek. Learn about his journey and insightful advice to MSPs today.

Automation of Legacy Systems with RPA
~ 7 minutes read

The quick adoption of new technologies and removal of obsolete technology is not an easy task. One of the most promising solutions to upgrading legacy systems is RPA. The demands of customers, competition, and market constantly evolve, and the only way businesses can keep up is by using modern technology. It is legacy systems that commonly cause roadblocks in gaining an edge over the competition. RPA removes such hurdles and offers the competitive advantage needed to succeed in a cut-throat market.

RPA as an Integral Part of Business Process Improvement Strategy
~ 10 minutes read

MSPs must consistently evaluate their business process plans to ensure no inefficiencies or gaps in the workflows. Here is where Business Process Improvement (BPI), aided with RPA, can ensure there are no inefficiencies and remove pain points caused by manual intervention.

BPI is crucial to derive the highest success from automating various workflows. It works with RPA to ensure MSPs reap the benefits and improve revenue generation.

If you use BPI tools and choose which processes to automate, this article can help you understand the advantages and best practices in depth, ensuring you find the best solutions.

What is Process Discovery and Why do Your Clients Need it?
~ 9 minutes read

Process discovery assists MSPs in recognizing the essential processes which are ready to be automated now or in the future by recording all the activities related to data, staff, and technology to comprehend the need for automation. It is the most vital role in successfully automating any process. Learn more about how it can help your MSP.

7 Best Cloud Orchestration Tools for MSPs
~ 10 minutes read

The growing popularity of cloud computing makes it crucial for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to adopt modern practices such as public clouds, private clouds, and hybrid clouds. Find out the current top 7 cloud orchestration tools to manage cloud infrastructures.