Driving an MSP’s Profitability for Robotic Process Automation Practices: 3 Go-To Strategies
~ 8 minutes read

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has gained a lot of traction due to its advantages, i.e., higher employee productivity, reduced risk, quality data and savings in terms of operational efficiency, better customer service, and more. But it does not mean that the managed service providers (MSPs) are also making lots of money. So, are there any strategies to help MSPs maximize margins from a new RPA business. This is what this article attempts to explain– how MSPs can quickly monetize a new RPA practice.

Stress Management for MSPs
~ 6 minutes read

Stress management is essential for MSPs that have a high workload and little time. RPA is a great solution to reduce stress for MSPs as it automates the tiering tasks and creates more time for employees, ensuring they don’t feel too overwhelmed. Read more to find out about the role of RPA in managing stress.

Helpdesk Automation: How RPA Can Help
~ 7 minutes read

The helpdesk is the lifeline for all MSPs. Currently, the demand for helpdesk services is increasing, and staffing and budgets are failing to match it, causing many serious issues. Helpdesks are commonly involved with several repetitive tasks, and RPA has a lot of potential in improving the functionality. Read more to learn about it.

Accounts Payable Routine: How Much Can You Actually Automate?
~ 11 minutes read

Many employees from MSPs often feel that automating AP is not possible or is not worth the investment. Yet, studies have shown that companies can benefit from the use of RPA. Automation of accounts payable (AP) routine is an effective solution for MSPs to make payments to suppliers in various forms such as checks, wire transfers, and other virtual payments. RPA automation involves more than simply making payments; it also verifies the account data before any money goes out.

10 Useful Bots for Marketing
~ 11 minutes read

All MSPs need to market themselves often without a dedicated marketing department making it more burdensome on the staff. Automating such tasks means less need to perform mundane, time-consuming, and stressful functions, resulting in more time for MSPs staff to focus on revenue-generating tasks within the marketing workflow. Here is why RPA is the right fit.

The Future of Automation Business : Fireside Chat with ElectroNeek Executives
~ 3 minutes read

Dmitry Karpov, ElectroNeek’s co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, sat down with Keith Abramson, Vice President of Global Sales, to have an insightful discussion. They conversed about how the emerging class of automation entrepreneurs dreams big, opening a blue ocean of business opportunities that are powerful yet complex hyper-automation technologies. 

What is Process Discovery and Why do Your Clients Need it?
~ 9 minutes read

Process discovery assists MSPs in recognizing the essential processes which are ready to be automated now or in the future by recording all the activities related to data, staff, and technology to comprehend the need for automation. It is the most vital role in successfully automating any process. Learn more about how it can help your MSP.

7 Best Cloud Orchestration Tools for MSPs
~ 10 minutes read

The growing popularity of cloud computing makes it crucial for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to adopt modern practices such as public clouds, private clouds, and hybrid clouds. Find out the current top 7 cloud orchestration tools to manage cloud infrastructures.

ElectroNeek’s Latest $20m Funding: How we are Transforming the RPA Industry for MSPs
~ 9 minutes read

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is among the hottest trending technologies in the IT industry after the rise of social media, search engines, and e-commerce. Amid the uncertain economic environment triggered by Covid-19, the level of interest in this technology has increased. Enterprises looking to preserve money during this uncertainty have turned to RPA. Unlike other enterprise applications, RPA is technology-agnostic, fast, accurate, and does not require long implementation cycles.

ElectroNeek Global Partnership Program Overview
~ 9 minutes read

Supporting your RPA-as-a-Service business from the start till the end and beyond  Who is ElectroNeek? ElectroNeek is an award-winning Robotic Process Automation platform for Managed Service Providers, System Integrators, and RPA consultants, backed by Y Combinator.  ElectroNeek focuses on providing RPA products and services that create business value for its users and helps them win […]

Automation in BCDR: How ElectroNeek RPA Can Help MSPs
~ 12 minutes read

Introduction As businesses are increasingly relying on IT, business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) programs have become vital to warrant business can operate ‘close to normal’ during and after an unexpected event. This critical condition can be anything, from internal problems such as accidental deletion, hardware failure, and malicious users to external accidents such as […]

How to Start an RPA Business: a Beginner’s Guide
~ 13 minutes read

In this article, we will provide you with tips on creating a successful RPA implementation business. Whether you are going to build an RPA startup from scratch or consider providing managed RPA implementation services this guide will help you focus on the most important steps and decide which business model is the most suitable for you.