What is a Digital Workforce and Why is it a Win-Win Opportunity to Boost an RPA Adoption

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Everest Group Report: ElectroNeek is the Top RPA Market Aspirant Globally

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RPA for Finance & Accounting: 10 Best Use Cases

Top 10 Use Cases for Robotic Process Automation in Finance and Accounting. Discover how an RPA solution can transform your business.
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Automation in Call Centers: Making Your Team Multitasking Champions

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Turning Digital: Why the Most Promising Jobs are Remote

Has the coronavirus pandemic left you floating in a limbo of the job perspectives? Well, you are certainly not alone. While some employees were happy to preserve a certain level of stability working from their couch during COVID-19, countless more were either furloughed or laid off entirely. … Read More

RPA in Oil and Gas: Bots on the Frontline of Digitisation

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Why RPA is Better Than Traditional Automation: A Beginner’s Guide

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Automation in Enterprise Data Management: Making the Best Out of The Strongest Business Currency

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RPA in Finance: Calculating Bots-Added Value

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Uday Sanghani: RPA Legend on Automation Capital of Future and 4 Elements of Success

Uday Sanghani has led global portfolios at KPMG, EY, Accenture, and DELL, and it is only a small portion of his industry achievements.
Previously, we have published the first part of the interview with Uday Sanghani, where he has shared his thoughts on blind spots in implementing automation in a company and the bots that are expected to become the new types of workers in the ever-changing technology world.
The second part is devoted to the cultural differences of spreading emerging technologies across the world and our guest’s personal approach to constant professional growth. … Read More