Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) Automation

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    Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) or remote IT management helps IT teams monitor desktops and other devices remotely. This activity involves proactive maintenance and security of an enterprise’s IT environment by remotely monitoring desktops, networks, and clients endpoints, rolling out updates and patches, solving problems, installing and configuring software, etc.

    The monitoring part is similar to other types of device and system monitoring. The management part ranges from simple remote controls to a broad platform to handle various management tasks.

    Before we dive into the interesting part of this article – automating the RMM activity to maximize efficiency, we will explain what remote monitoring and management is. We will also offer an overview of some of the features of RMM tools. It will give you a better understanding of what to look for when selecting an RMM solution for your specific needs. 


    What is Remote Monitoring and Management?

    What is RMM used for?

    Benefits of an RMM solution

    Automating RMM with ElectroNeek


    What is Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)?

    As the name suggests, the RMM activity mainly consists of gathering data from remote desktops, terminals, and networks to analyze their health; and remotely performing various IT management tasks without the physical involvement of a technician. 

    MSPs mainly use RMM solutions to offer IT support to their clients without being physically present. Recently, internal IT departments in a distributed work environment are also using RMM tools. The focus of this article will be on the in-house IT teams and how they can use RMM tools to monitor laptops, access points, and everything in the office.

    What is RMM used for?

    IT professionals manly use an RMM solution to accomplish three tasks:

    1. Real-time monitoring and alerts: With the help of an RMM solution, IT departments can keep a check on the health and performance of individual laptops, systems, and entire networks round the clock. These tools also offer instant notifications of any issue, so the IT team can resolve it before it becomes a disruptive one. They can also create automatic flows to handle those alerts and generate reports to have clear visibility into network activity, inventory resources, compliance, etc.

    2. Remote maintenance and remediation: Technicians can deploy software, manage updates, run scripts, and remotely connect to laptops to resolve issues without disrupting the system. 

    3. Automate Management of various IT tasks: IT teams use an RMM solution to perform a wide range of common IT tasks, streamline and automate workflows such as installing patches, running scripts, creating and resolving tickets with predefined policies.

    Benefits of an RMM solution:

    RMM solutions offer several benefits to businesses such as establishing market dominance, keeping the systems running well, and making their IT teams’ jobs easier. It allows the IT teams to manage, maintain, and secure enterprise devices remotely so companies can keep on-premise systems functional even when employees are working from home.

    IT teams can boost their efficiency and deliver better service by automating this activity, improve response time even with limited resources, and fix issues in real-time.

    In general, the benefits of remote monitoring and management include:

    1. Complete visibility and control over the entire network

    2. Remote IT management from a single panel/dashboard.

    3. Elimination of time-consuming tasks by streamlining and automating workflows.

    4. Increase in the productivity of IT technicians (as only a few agents can easily manage several terminals and networks remotely.)

    5. Proactive support to avoid downtime and disruption.

    Automating RMM with ElectroNeek:

    Now we will talk about why IT teams should use the full-featured and secure ElectroNeek platform to monitor and manage their RMM activities. 

    IT teams can use the ElectroNeek RPA solution to automate a variety of IT functions:

    Closing thoughts:

    While you can rely on the traditional break-fix model and contact your service provider when a problem arises, you can make a wise decision to use an automation solution such as the ElectroNeek RPA tools to monitor and take proactive measures. 

    ElectroNeek’s features apply to all endpoints across different operating systems and different types of devices. You get an up-to-date, detailed list of all your IT assets on a single control panel and remotely perform any action at the click of a button.

    ElectroNeek is the top choice of IT teams for remote monitoring and access, integrations, comprehensive dashboard, templates,intuitive user interface, reporting and top-rated IT support. Another key benefit is the price that represents value for money for the tools offered.
    Want to discover more about ElectroNeek’s platform and how it can help your business, contact one of our sales representatives to get more details.