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Trumpet Delivers Automated Workflows 
for the Healthcare Industry

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Trumpet was founded in 1999 with the goal of making automation work for their clients.

Trumpet streamlines and automates processes for businesses to reduce the amount of monotonous work and empower people to do more.

They help healthcare businesses improve their operational efficiency by eliminating time spent on repetitive tasks. This frees up staff time to deliver higher-quality healthcare services.


Trumpet Leverages ElectroNeek to Deliver Automation-as-a-Service

Trumpet was delivering proprietary automation software with a hefty license fee, which limited their customer base to the enterprise market. ElectroNeek helped Trumpet expand their customer reach with a more affordable Automation-as-a Service model.

Trumpet worked with a hospital where they manually generated and saved thousands of new electronic health records (EHR) daily. By leveraging the new subscription pricing model, Trumpet was able to deliver a solution that automated the entire process. The new automated workflow was more accurate and efficient and helped them make informed patient care and business operations decisions.


Improving Patient Care through Operational Efficiency

Trumpet enables disruptive growth in the healthcare vertical by automating workflows and processes for clients affordably.

They enable hospitals to maximize staff time, speed up reimbursements, improve the quality of care, and eliminate time spent on repetitive tasks by creating rule-based workflows.

Providing value-based pricing with automation solutions helps Trumpet achieve steady growth.

ElectroNeek has prioritized our success, collaborating with us to provide business expertise regarding subscription-based pricing models and flexible RPA solutions to our clients.”
Ryan DetlafCEO of Trumpet
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